Extraordinary Journey Of Fakir (Review) | Dhanush |Journey with Ordinary Script

Director: Ken Scott
Writers: Romain Puértolas, Luc Bossi, Ken Scott
CAST : Dhanush, Bérénice Bejo, Erin Moriarty
Review By : Priyanka Raina

Talking about the movie on Travels , There are some real Talented Directors like Imtiaz Ali who have not only shown different places at a time ironically , But also with a Powerful story attached to it like Jab We Met , Rockstar , Etc . Based on above situation is movie releasing today “Extraordinary Journey of a Fakir“. Now lets see how it fares..


PR’s Verdict on Fakir

Well , to begin with Extraordinary Journey of a Fakir is a “Ordinary” Tale of small Child (Dhanush) who stays in a chawl of Village and like anyone else dreams to be big. He gets attracted to Fakir coming in his locality and learns some magic. Here he makes his Fake passport and lands in Paris. There he meets this girl Mariyam in a furniture store and falls in love, They promised to meet tomorrow at Eiffel Towers, But He sleeps in furniture which overnight has been boarded to London. And then they catch his Fake passport , and He is Boarded to Spain , Where he meets actress who gets fooled from his shirt which had a story written on it. And sells shirt in 100 Million Dollars. Then through a Flight luggage counter , He lands in Libya which was land for all Refugees and so on….

Screenplay : I think Director Ken Scott should have seen Travel movies like Rockstar , Jab We met Directed by  Imtiaz Ali , To learn that how we define a story comprising a locations. Just by making a crap in name of Hollywood film, doesn’t means that you can cheat Pubic. Public is smart enough to make choices.

Music : That one song in Disco which don’t know comes from no where, as Dhanush is asked documents by security and He starts dancing. Don’t know if logically you can do this in country like Spain.

Cast : Dhanush has acted well, But that does not make great Story. As We say Content create Stars and Stars don’t make Content. Dhanush should have little bit seen the story before instead of just going mad for a Hollywood Director.

Direction :

Review : As told in my caption ,  An Ordinary Tale, I think it says it all .

Ratings : ** Stars 

Priyanka Raina and Dhanush Rajnikant

Extraordinary Journey of Fakir releases 21st June 2019 in cinemas near you. And other movie is Kabir Singh . Would like to say song of YJHD  where Fakir saying KabirSun Kabira maan jaa, Achchi scripts to le aa….

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