Kabir Singh | Shahid Kapoor|(Review) Watch it at your Own Risk

Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Writers: Sandeep Reddy Vanga, Siddharth Singh
CAST : Shahid Kapoor, Kaira Adwani,  Suresh Oberoi, Arjan Bajwa
Review By : Priyanka Raina

There are some Brilliant movies which have been told on One sided Love like DARR and JEET – Which left Huge impact on its audiences. Movies which had classic Music, Story and Depth with it. Now Lets see our Second release KABIR SINGH which is slightly on above situations , How it fares.

KABIR SINGH as we can say its remake of South Film ARJUN REDDY, Don’t know because I have not that version. The movie is pretty confusing right from start to end , Director had mixed all versions of 90s to make this lovely crap.

Well to Go with , KABIR SINGH is a story (P.S : Dies it have a Story)  of Shahid Kapoor is a medical student and is practicing in its final year with daily overdose of Cigarettes and Drinks. All professors are scared of him because of his violent behaviour and so he had got Leave letter from college, But at that time He saw his Junior Girl named Pretty (Kaira Adwani) walking i, – And Total Plan changed. Shahd walks into her class when prefessor were teaching to say that “No one will see to this girl”.

Then what happens is intolerable , He shifts her room from Girls Hostel to Boys Hostel and then Movie is overdose of SEX , Cigarettes and DRINKS. Almost in every scene you will have these three things. Post Interval is more pathetic with Overdose of These three things, when Kaira Adwani gets married to other man.

CAST : Is there any acting seen from Shahid Kapoor? I thought , I was watching Udta Punjab Part 2.  Kaira looks so dumb , Only good at kissing scenes. Suresh Oberoi was good, But had nothing much to perform. Arjan Bajwa again in very few scenes.

Direction : Would Really like to salute the Producers, who said yes to this CRAP film. The film has no screenplay, Characters not justified.

Music : Music of the film is a Torture , Don’t know frm where songs came? This is a recation when songs paying. Songs just add a BOON to your Head ache which is occuring through out the film

Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

Review : Would like to just say , That Watch this move at your Risk

Rating : * Star (P.S – If you wanna see Blue film)

Kabir Singh Releases in Theaters on June 21st , 2019.

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