Befikre Girl Enters into WAR mode | Vaani Kapoor

By Priyanka Raina

Debuting from Shudh Desi Romance to Being the coolest Befikre Girl landing up on WAR, Vaani Kapoor has huge love for Travel films. And Unlike Siddharth Anand does films on Travel so well weather its Salaam Namaste or Now WAR.

“There’s a certain Graph to the character that I am Portraying , and As WAR is Action based on these Two Super Heroes ( Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan)- There’s a lot of story , Hopefully everybody will discover”  , Vaani Kapoor Kick starts the WAR with Priyanka Raina.

Vaani Kapoor , Priyanka Raina in WAR

Getting WAR is being tough , As you have got through a long system of Auditions and that’s how YRF system is . For every actor you have to Audition for the role . Shanoo Sharma is being supportive and have being guiding to get through my audition round.

Also I love Action in the film, and love watching lots of Action films especially Akshay Kumar and now Tiger Shroff is huge by his MMA effects, and huge Fan of DHOOM mode.

On Dance experience  with Hrithik Roshan , Vaani Kapoor replied on nervous mode “I wish that Could dance as  perfect like him ,  But only best was that GROOVY step we did. On this Hrithik told , “Just Chill Have fun”. Then thought on shoot that I am literally having fun while dance but he is not, Hrithik is actually right. “

Also speaking on her Travels , Vaani tells only film Shamshera is shot entirely in Mumbai only. And Priyanka Raina tells Instinct that Shamshera is first film to be shot in Ladakh. On this Vaani replies but a very tiny part and I told to shoot full film there.

Having work with All the Leading Super heroes unlike Hrithik Roshan , Tiger Shroff , Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani tells that its very tough to define who is best . They are so perfect by their own means . Like Ranbir is sweet , Hrithik is just the best that anyone could dream and Did not have much scenes with Tiger Shroff, But I use to jot down on sets and He is very soft spoken and polite who is just dedicated to his work.

WAR releases in Cinemas on 2nd Oct 2019

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