PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS (Review)|Love story should be “Dillagi” and not “COMA”

Directed By : Sunny Deol
Produced By : Vijeyta Films
Cast : Karan Deol, Sahher Bambbha
Review By : Priyanka Raina 

Before we come to Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Let us talk on Sunny Deol ‘s first film DILLAGI which was a sweet film, It lost due to that “COMA” sequence in the end.


Pal Pal DIl Ke Paas is story of KARAN (Karan Deol) who is a guide in Manali and entertains tourists by showing them all outstanding locations of Manali. Sehhar who is a Blogger inquires about Karan s Tourism and comes to Manali to review it. And then outstanding locations of Manali with Trecking, River Rafting and lots more till INTERVAL. Till Interval its a sweet Love story.

Post Interval when Sehhar calls Karan to Delhi that she can only sing if he is there. And Then Actually LOVE TRIANGLE with third person who is Politician s son. Car Racing and “COMA” sequence in the end were total waste and could have been chopped of – To remain a Sweet Love story

Watch Video Review By Priyanka Raina

Review :My Review on film divided in two parts, Before Interwal would like to Give FOUR STARS and After Interwal which was Unlike DILLAGE (Coma Effect) was too dragging for last 15 mins  , so 1 Star . Instead should have cropped that COMA scene, it would be a sweet Love story.

Rating : One Star (Stars goes for last COMA scene , which was same in DILLAGI too)

PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS  Releases in Cinemas on Sept 20, 2019

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