I create ‘Locations’ as my ‘Characters’ so audience gets feel of actually being there as one of Characters – Siddharth Anand

By Priyanka Raina

Director who is known for making films based on Travels and which also has a story that revolves around wonderful scenic locations, Siddharth Anand opens up that I treat my Locations as a Character in the film. I try and give my audience experience while sitting in the theater that they see the world. And if they see some locations that they haven’t seen it before, Then indefinitely they ask me that where Did you shoot that scene or song? Then they decide to go there. This is something which I want to carry forward, Not many Directors in India are able to capture or showcase locations like which are a Treat to the eyes.  Showcase your locations well, Treat it as one of your characters, “Give it importance s that is why People question me that I make films on Travels, That is my intent to showcase the world” Siddharth says with Exclamation.

Directors Siddharth Anand , Priyanka Raina 

Inspiration on Dialogues comes from Inder Raj Anand as He had written around 125 films which had powerful dialogues and If I write my dialogues in my film , so take inspiration from my Grand Father ‘s film only. Some of my films I like is Mard, Ek duje ke liye, KAALIA , SAFAR, Sangam and one was very small film YEHI HAI ZINDAGI which was a very small film , but it leaves a impact. It shows how to save money and what a family goes through.

Now Talking on WAR, War actually was a concept that came to me when I had lots of time after Bang Bang. That’s time when I use to travel ,read lots of Books, My mind opened up with the exposure that Book gives you – Which I have never ever done in my life. I was never a reader, but I traveled, picked up books from Airport and I got excited by the Joyner of Spy Thrillers. Hence my idea of Heroes and stars changed by those books because films are One- Dimensional which encouraged me to come up with the story which was different.

Then another thing which comes into the mind is Actors, If Actors are 10 then Filmmakers are 100 and stars are just in numbers which can be counted on fingers. Although then too I wrote a story forgetting if I will get them or not, Keeping Hrithik Roshan in mind as had always a good association with Hrithik . I needed these two Actors which are Two Different CHARACTERS and If Hrithik is on One Hand , Then Tiger Shroff only has to be on Other Hand. As this is all about the pairing and we wont ever get a Better pair considering HRITHIK vs TIGER (Which also became one Catch line)

As story was about Mentor and Protege where He respects his Mentor , Gets inspire by his Mentor. In real life too Tiger is some what, so didn’t  want much to explain to audience about it. Audience has accepted that Hrithik is IDOL for Tiger and HRITHIK vs TIGER – Two Actors who are Dedicated towards their work, Two Actors who can do any sorts of Action – makes easier for a filmmaker to concentrate on his subject then.

“Making film is of coarse tougher , But Handling Two actors is even more tougher. Its  like handling Two wives at the end”


Talking about my Film Releasing on 2nd October itself is a talking point, But that doesn’t makes a difference as previously too My BANG BANG released on 2nd Oct only. That time tagline was “On most peaceful day, Bullets will fly” and now Its “On most peace full day, Its a War“.

WAR releases in Cinemas on 2nd Oct 2019

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