Game called “Relationship” | (Review) Reveals Freshness of Cinematic journey

Directed By : Vivek Sharma
Produced By: Filmzone
Cast : Mandy Takhar, Kapil Khadiwala, Sabina , Suman, Sumit , Vivek Sharma
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

Director of Bhoothnath Vivek Sharma comes with a fresh concept on relationships which is a very common subject these days.


Before we talk , Let us discuss that Love Stories looks good with Freshness. Unlike Kaho Na pyaar hai where Hrithik Roshan became star because content and Direction was good. Love Story is fare enough to tell even Kumar Gaurav‘s Stardom To Bobby with Rishi Kapoor and so on.

A Game Called “Relationship” reveals around the struggles in Bollywood , Actors who have come from different parts of world and staying in Paying guest and struggling for Auditions. Here’s One couple when they introduce that”He ‘s my Boyfriend” , Everyone ‘s color of faces changes especially GAUTAM who is playing Director (Vivek Sharma).

So Here they play a Game that “Announcing the Breakup” to see then Who’s your friend. In this Game , how they come to real Break up is a hard hitting fresh Film by Vivek Sharma.

Cast : All Characters are well justified that you will feel as if you a part of them , Every scene is engaging , that carries you in a grip till end.

Direction : From Horror film  “Bhoothnath” to Relationship film “A Game called Relationship” Vivek Sharma tells a good story with Freshness. Cinematogreaphy by Duleep is good

Music : There are two songs and Music by Nakash Azis and Sargam is revealing that is attached to storyline

(Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina)

The Last Word : Vivek Sharma puts a Refreshing story for youth to tell that Relationships can’t be a Game.



A Game Called Relationship releases in Cinemas near you from 21st Feb 2020. Do watch and tell us , How do like the film?

IMG-20200221-WA0025 (1)

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