The Seasoned Director Dharmesh Darshan Speaks up exclusively on his Journey ,” I believe GOD CREATES”

By : Priyanka Raina 

Wishing Happy Birthday to “Real” Raja Hindustani Dharmesh Darshan Sir and Happy to share Nostalgia Interview (In-fact at Start of my Journey) privileged to talk on Cinematic Journey , Films which made History just a day Before my Birthday (19th March).

Sanjay Suri , Dharmaesh Darshan and Priyanka Raina


The Seasoned Director, Dharmesh Darshan who has given all Good Actors to Indian Cinema in form of talent – Creating a HISTORIC films like RAJA HINDUSTANI, DHADKAN and many more ; Speaks up to Priyanka Raina.

Priyanka Raina: Dharmesh Ji , Tell us something about our unique journey till now. You are the only film maker to have directed few films & almost all are hits.
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes, I am the only Writer/ Director who has done six films Beginning with early 1990s. I would like to tell you about – Starting with LOTEERE Starring Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawala, Nasseredin Shah & Then Cam to Raja Hindustani
Priyanka Raina: (Cuts) Raja Hindustani ….. The Mega Blockbuster, The only Film which created History Worldwide
Dharmesh Darshan: (Laughs) Ya Raja Hindustani , which is the Fourth biggest HIT in the History of Indian Cinema.
Priyanka Raina: And Its even Aamir Khan’s First Film to have won him the Best Actor, although He was nominated many before that for DIL and Hum hain rahi pyar ke, isn’t it?
Dharmesh Darshan: Ya, Its is indeed Aamir Khan’s First Filmfare Award & Karisma Kapoor too won the Best Actress. Raja Hindustani won the major Awards and I think became the only film to have all Awards in Major category. Very Few Films had that Combination till date.
Priyanka Raina: Ya Indeed
Dharmesh Darshan: Then Comes MELA, again with Aamir Khan. Then My Romantic and Classic Dhadkan.
Priyanka Raina: DHADKAN, Akshay Kumar whom you have Re launched as an Actor and His image changed totally after that, Comment?
Dharmesh Darshan: No , I don’t think so AKSHAY was nothing before then DHADKAN. He has done many Films Before, But Fallen within a Trap, A Trap of Continuously Flop films as there were many Flops in a row . DHADKAN is very difficult for an Action Hero to become a Romantic Hero

Dharmesh darshan 1
Priyanka Raina: Obviously , Akshay was an Action Hero
Dharmesh Darshan: DHADKAN brought him in that Shah Rukh Khan Mode which I would say because I admire Shah Rukh Khan very much…
Priyanka Raina: (Cuts) Cool , We will see Shah Rukh Khan soon with you
Dharmesh Darshan: Ya, DHADKAN had Superb Songs & RAM – The Idol Indian GUY which is still writing for him nicely. But If you give me the Credit, Yes – I take the Credit. But Akshay also worked very hard. He believed in me & allowed me to do the change. Although Suneil Shetty got the Best Supporting Actor Award. The Film also did a lot of Metamorphosis on Shilpa Shetty

Priyanka Raina: And As I think, Shilpa Shetty was nominated for the first Time in Best Actress Category? And it changed the Entire look
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes , Dhadkan Changed the Entire Look and She came out Beautifully upon it. And If you give me the Credit for my Handwork – I will Accept it.
Priyanka Raina: (Laughs) Surely You deserve for bringing up actors out of themselves.
Dharmesh Darshan: (laughs) Thanks & Then after DHADKAN , I did BEWAFA starring Kareena Kapoor.

Karisma Kapoor, Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina: The Kapoor Sisters, you have worked with Both of them.
Dharmesh Darshan: Yaa , Kapoor Sisters – Kareena and again gave her a very certain Role to look Glamorous In Saree , A Soft Kareena and of coarse with Akshay. And of coarse it was Anil Kapoor, and Sushsmita Sen who seen for the first time ever in Saree.
Priyanka Raina: Yaaa ( Laughs)
Dharmesh Darshan: And Then Aap ki Khatir. I had actually suggested Priyanka Chopra to my Brother in Andaaz for the second Lead which Raj Kanwar ji Directed it. As they were looking for a girl along with Lara Datta . And I insisted they should check out Priyanka & came out with Priyanka Chopra for you all
Priyanka Raina: And Amisha Patel, She was looking Cute in the movie
Dharmesh Darshan: Amisha Patel was there in a small Role , But was a pleasure working with her. And Even I enjoyed working with Akshaye Khanna – He is a Very good Actor indeed
Priyanka Raina: And Dino Morya, who was CON guy
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes, Sunil Shetty, Anupam Kher , Dino – There were so many people But Akshaye was a Fantastic Person. I had been very fortunate that way, and worked with very good Actors
Priyanka Raina: And Whom we call Mr. Perfectionist AAMIR KHAN has done two films with you, as He does not do the second film with anyone, Correct?
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes, Aamir has done two films with me. The Reason Aamir doesn’t do second film with anyone, because his Style is actually mine….. (laughs) I do one film everyone.
Priyanka Raina: So Now when we are seeing Next DHARMESH DHARSHAN film back on screen?
Dharmesh Darshan: People are confused, that I have taken a Break for last Five years. After 2007 , I didn’t Direct any film. But If you see- Raja Hindustani and Dhadkan too had a Gap of Five years
Priyanka Raina: Oh ! Five Golden Years…. So That means we will see you soon on Screens
Dharmesh Darshan: Hopefully, something as good as Dhadkan, and also There are lots of reasons for taking this gap of FIVE years. I lost my Both parents – 2009 My Mother and Last year , Lost my Dad.
Priyanka Raina: Oh ! I am so sorry.
Dharmesh Darshan: So I was not in a mood to make films. But I think since last films Directors are not getting that importance. It is the just STAR value. And I am used to not Bigger then the star but Equal then Star . But I feel that , when Director has no value – Achievers Directors like me has to work hard upon movies
Priyanka Raina: Noo, But in Today’s Cinema even KARAN JOHAR is Director who is equal to the star.
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes , But Karan Johar is a Producer/ Director. I am just a Director – A Free Lancer Director.
Priyanka Raina: So See you very soon, Firing on BOX OFFICE.


Dharmesh Darshan: See, I am a kind of Guy who can end up with Three films in one year or One Film in Three Years. But it should be a Good Film with Good Story. I do a project , which has Respect, Values, Our Indian Culture.
Priyanka Raina: And you will do a project with Newcomers or with Stars?
Dharmesh Darshan: I can work with anyone. If you notice my career , I worked with everyone. I have worked with under dogs
Priyanka Raina: Exactly, you are the who has made actors- And they won their First Filmfare Trophies from your movie.
Dharmesh Darshan: I don’t believe (laughs) . I always dis what I feel like and automatically you should be a little marketable for you Producers- And every producer of mine in Six Films weather it is Ratan Jain ji, Boney Kapoor Sahab, TIPS, Cineyug have earned HUGE profits out of it. I have done two to three films with each of them & they always repeated it.
Priyanka Raina: Dharmesh ji, You are known for the Longest KISS in the History of Indian Film Industry & which I think Till today it’s the only movie which is played , where we don’t change our Channels as Rest Channels are changed.
Dharmesh Darshan: See, I can’t say about any other Directors But can certainly speak about myself. See, Kiss is very Reflective & I believe in Human emotions weather it is sensuality. I don’t shy away from it. But it has to be neatly done. It should be beautiful & no audience should be isolated with it. As it was a very daring statement to shoot a Kiss
Priyanka Raina: Obviously…..
Dharmesh Darshan: But as you say, no body shifts the channel after seeing this particular scene & Karisma’s image became even better, Aamir ‘s image too became even better. So lots of thought keep coming & perhaps I believe – I am the idol member in the Industry , I guess (Laughs)
Priyanka Raina: Why have you been so Publicity shy and not taken the credit for building in so many Actors Tenure in a day where each and everyone makes a noise of every Bit of it ?

Dharmesh Darshan

Dharmesh Darshan: I believe “GOD CREATES”. I had never been a Video Maniac. Yes my Effort was very much , and as I strongly believe, Nobody can give you that recognition which GOD can give you. Yes, sometimes I do feel hurt when people who have climbed up my shoulders and have totally Denied me – Forget , giving me the credit. But I think , I had never made a noise about it. I began with grace, Did my work & if anyone’s career Build up – Its Great and will Pray to God “It should build up”
Priyanka Raina: Great & Since you Media shy, For the first time – Thanks for speaking with us on our Official Channel.

Dharmesh Darshan: (Laughs) Its not the first time, But one of the rare times. You are a very Sweet Girl & you write very Positively about everybody weather it is interview or Film Reviews. I personally had gone through all your Blogs. Priyanka Raina: Thank you
Dharmesh Darshan: That’s a very fresh perspective in the Media & Healthy. And I want to encourage this Healthy behavior. I have lots of friends in the media, But you know Priyanka – I am a Person who has never manipulated the Media. I have never played with the media. I have genuinely respected the Media.

Priyanka Raina: Exactly, you had never been in news for any controversy.
Dharmesh Darshan: But Yes I Think , It’s the Time to ask for Credit. Because In today, We can’t Command, until we Demand upon it; Right?

Dharmesh darshan and Priyanka Raina
Directors Dharmesh Darshan , Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina: Yes , Exacltly & that was the One of the most SEASONED Director “DHARMESH DARSHAN” talking up exclusively on his career graph of his SIX films, and of course Forthcoming films on our Official Blogs and website – Exclusively covered By Priyanka Raina

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