20 Day Challenge #HomeWorkout with Priyanka !

By : Priyanka Raina

We all know as we are facing the most crucial times of fighting with Corona , and to to maintain Social Distancing – All public places like Malls , Gym , Coffee shops are shut. 20 Day is too long while you are missing the gym.

Don’t Worry ,  Try out the Power-Packed Workouts with Priyanka Raina which can be easily done at Home #20DayChallenge


First of all do warms ups and then these Sets (Each 3 Times)

– 25 Pushups (Three Sets)
– 25 Bicycles (Three Sets)
– 25 Squats (Three sets)
– 25 Lendges (Three Sets)
– 25 Burpees
– 25 Shoulder Touch
– 25 Jumping Jacks
– 25 Jumping Squats
– 25 Jumping Lendges

Confused with the names , Don’t worry . Just watch Priyanka ‘s Video below and have a complete power cut workouts

For more videos on Fitness Mantra , Do catch us on INSTAGRAM @impriyankaraina and Don’t forget to Follow us on our official websites http://www.themagicpr.com and https://priyankaraina.co.in/



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