Season Greetings (Review) | A Cakewalk to Define Three Relationships “Mother- Daughter” and their respective

Directed By :  Ram Kamal Mukherjee
Produced By: Aritra Das, Shailendra Kumar
Cast :  Celina Jaitly haag, Lillete Dubey , Azhar Khan, Shree Ghatak, Rohini Sen
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

Before we Talk on movie , Let us discuss a bit on “Section 377” . Many movies may have come on this topic unlike “Girlfriend” or so on. But never told a story with so much detailing and resulting as Full family watch.

With every passing moment, Romita and Suchitra unfolds their mysteries and eventually comes to a juncture where lines get blurred. This is a tribute to celebrated filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh. For cinema connoisseurs it will be a delight to see the fleeting references from Ghosh’s films that comes (overlaps) at various moments. The film also deals with LGBTQIA and article 377 (Indian Penal Code) issue, in a subtle way.


Well To start with “Season Greetings” revolves around Romita (Celina Jaitly Haag) who is in Love with Usmaan (Azhar) and they had been in a living relationship for Over two years. Also Romita had childhood disturbances since her Mother Suchitra(Lillete Dubey) and Dad got separated. One evening Suchitra calls Romita and insisted more excited to meet her Better half.

And finally Suchitra, Romi and Usmaan meet in evening over drinks . Reason was to introduce “Someone Special”. Well who is this , For that just watch a Lovely 43 Min Film on ZEE 5.

Cast : Celina Jaitly is incredibly a good actor and when ever comes to Define Bengali actress , You have no words unlike Konkana or Rani or Kajol . Lillete Dubey looks good in her respective character. Azhar looks promising as a First Timer. Also the maid definitely added flavors.

Direction : This is just second short film By Ram Kamal Mukherjee and can say Season Greetings is truly a “Cakewalk” . Defining three relationships with such significance

Music : Bengali song to evolve in Mother- daughter relationship gives so much calm and relaxation

Watch Trailer of Season Greetings here

The Last word : Season Greeting  (43 Min film) is definitely a watch out with whole family to understand relationships or can say A Cakewalk to Define Three Relationships Mother- Daughter, Daughter ‘s Love religion Biased and Mother ‘s … Well  for that see this lovely 43 min Film . And Love is Love and doesn’t know any boundaries, isn’t it ?

Ratings :4_stars-512 STARS


“Season Greetings” Releases all over Digitally on ZEE 5 app from April 15, 2020 onward. So guys Stay Home and watch some Healthy cinema.

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