“Lockdown” can be Creative too , Depends on How you take!!

The Whole World is dealing on very a serious Note right now “Corona” . But Can descibe What is Corona ? Corona is nothing but taught us just to be Hygenic , Maintain Social Distancing and Nothing to get panic about. Instead Keep your selves busy with the work – You love the most. “Distraction” can help us fight with a serious issue.

Like for Example , Film Director Priyanka Raina is always occupied with friends weather Socially or Digitally , and As we movie towards Digital India – On Instagram Live  @impriyankaraina – can see Chats on Different Topics and How to overcome situation.

Chatted so far with Aarti Chabaria , Varun Sharma , Aditi Govartikar , Sandip Soparkar , Parag Chapekar and Film Critic Rajiv Vijaykar annd many more on Boards.Untitled-1

“We are Entertainers and Show must go on . Like For us Work from Home obviously has to be Films of coarse so we made a Short film on Social distancing with Prem Chopra Sir, Rakesh Bedi Sir and some Television actors “, Priyanka Raina Adds


Also keeping Hygiene on minds , “Fitness is also an key word , so the day starts with Power Yoga with PUSHUPS , SQUATS , BURPEE , MOUNTAIN CLIMBING , SHOULDER TOUCH, Jumping jacks, follwed by Stretches and PLANK.


Also Writing on new idea and paintings , singing , Voice Modulation and Lots of things can be on boards. So stay healthy with full of Positive Energy.

For More More Bollywood updates , Don’t forget to Log to Priyanka Raina for Priyanka Raina Short films, www.themagicpr.com 


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