Libaas Directed By Gulzar , is Not only a MASTERPIECE But will also will see some Iconic Characters !

When we Learn about True CINEMA , We come to know the hurdles a films comes across to get its release. As we say , No Gains without pain So its simple its not easy to an Release even for a Good film with any Cooperates and good marketing. We will talk about very such film which was on hold for 28 years and saw its First ever print on 22nd Nov 2014 at Goa Film Festival.

Here is Still from the Film , which will see Ravindra Arora in a Group pic with Naseeruddin Shah , Shaban Azmi which is apart of the lovely scene.

A Still From Movie LIBAAS (1986)

LIBAAS – A Film which was made in the year 1985 and did not get its release can be defined as an ICONIC Masterpiece. A beautiful art to derive relations through theatrical arts. Not only this , Also Film will see some of Iconic Characters which are not there with us like Legend AK HANGAL and Utpal Dutt in a very special Role.

The Film lead protagonist – Raj Babbar , Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah will share a beautiful Love triangle without any complications, You are bound to fall in Live with them. Also Film has Sushma Seth , Ravindra Arora and Annu Kapoor in important Character Roles.

Priyanka Raina with Legendary Gulzar ji

Also Music of the Film is by Legendary PANCHIM DA (RD Burman) – the songs which we love to hear like “Khamosh sa afsana”. Songs are a beauty and can be framed as a epic miles stone.

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