Happy Yoga Day 2020 by Sweetness of Music with your Father !!

Year 2020 has Three Mega Days World Yoga Day , World Music Day and Happy Father’s Day on a single Day June 21st . And here ‘s Super Girl Priyanka Raina frames a lovely Line “Happy Yoga Day with sweetness of music 4 with Your Father44

Firstly on Music Day , shares a beautiful note on Raj Kapoor Daries “Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan” from Mera Naam Joker


On Father’s Day , Priyanka Raina shares a beautiful note from Superstar Ranbir Kapoor that he shared publicly on eve of Sanju release.


Last But not least , Every day is Yoga Day. Fitness should as important to you as your Food. Wishing Happy YOGA to everyone and Stay Fit.

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