Dil Bechara (Review) |Bechare Fans |Sushant Singh Rajput

Directed By : Mukesh Chhabra

Cast : Sushant Singh Rajput , Sanjana Sanghi, Saswata Chatterjee , Sahil Vaid, Swastika Mukherjee

Review By : Priyanka Raina

Before we come to the story line , Let us talk a bit on History of Indian Cinema with few question marks. Why do we respect actor after he or she has gone. Remember PAKEZAA which only became HIT after the Sucide case of Meena Kumari. The song “Chalte Chalte Yoohin koi mil gaya” still come on lips. Dil Bechara too in similar way has a emotional moment to carry and I think Audience is smart enough to justify about whom am talking.

(Full Video Review by Priyanka Raina)

Storyline : Well Dil Bechara is story of Kizzy (Sanjana Sanghi) and Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput) who incidentally meet at Hospital where Doctors are taking masterclass to give patients moral support. Kizzy is suffering from cancer and Manny from heart disease due to which his one leg has to be cut. Now what happens next , finding happiness , Living every moment of life is all about “Bechara” DIL.

Cast : Frankly speaking had hardly seen Sushant‘s films except Dhoni and Kedarnath (Reason was his movies was not promoted well that it could attract audience). But after watching “Dil Bechara” could easily tell that this guy had caliber, But needed patience and right kind of movies. His Cute smile in “Dil Bechara” would make you come alive. Jagga Jassoos fame Saswata Chatterjee played Mr. Basu and was decent enough in his character.

Direction : After casting in “n” number of films, Mukesh Chhabra finally turns to Debut in direction with ‘Dil Bechara‘ – the movie which has some light and emotional moments. Apart from that would have concenterated more on story or could have seen “Kal Ho na Ho” which deals with same message too

The Last word: ‘Dil Bechara‘ deals with the life of cancer patients on how to deal with happiness giving a huge message that we all are patients and have learn to be happy and “Live Life every moment”, which was better shown in Kal Ho na Ho. This Movie could be just remembered as Sushant Singh Rajput last film, feeling pity for “Bechare Fans” with a Bad story.

(Full Video Review by Priyanka Raina)

DIL BECHARA featuring Sushant singh Rajput releases on July 24, 2020 and is available on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP.

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4 thoughts on “Dil Bechara (Review) |Bechare Fans |Sushant Singh Rajput

  1. I know why you kind of people have not watched wonderful movies done by Sushant.
    Now, I also know why you have watched and then reviewed.
    Sorry to tell you, you are such a machine which is being.paid to write baised review

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  2. Can you just pretend to not like tht movie. People like you are paid for reviewing such a good movie like ‘Dil Bechara’. People like you should not be alive so go and die somewhere idiot


  3. Kal Ho Na Ho is a better film than this ?? Really???
    Have some shame and respect for your profession.


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