KASHMIRIYAT (Short Film) | Review | Based on Article370

• Zarina Wahab as Muneera Anwar (Mother)
• Naveen Pandit as Liyaqat (Son)
• Anshul Trivedi as Altaf
• Abhay Bhargava as Pakistani Minister
• Rohit Sagar Girdhar as High ranked Pakistan army officer
• Veer Hiren Bhanushali as Jahaan (Kashmiri kid)

Directed by : Divyansh Pandit

Review By : Priyanka Raina

Kashimiryat is story Directed by Divyansh Pandit of days when Article 370 was still there , And how it was killing the life there.


Set in the disputed valley of India and a part of which is captured by Pakistan, Kashmiriyat is a short film of a doting mother and her son encompassing religious, political and social conflicts mushrooming in the region. High octane drama, action, emotional moments and a dramatic tripartite confrontation, together forms this short – Kashmiriyat.

Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

KASHMIRIYAT (Short Film) released World wide today 12th August 2020 on Official You Tube.

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