“Lockdown has invented my Direction” – Siddhant Issar on Resurrection !

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Here Priyanka Raina Talking to Siddhant Issar who just wore a New Hat of Direction with “Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO)” – A short film of 20 minutes.


First of all tell , from a theater Actor how perspective of Direction derived?

Siddhant Issar : When we are doing theaters, so its obvious that we do a lots of things like setting the stage, lightnings and characterizations and Direction was somewhere beneath me as since childhood I use to go to my Dad (Puneet Issar) ‘s Sets of GARV. Use to see Salman Khan sir doing Prep for the movie “Garv” and lots more. Direction was somewhere which this “Lockdown” discovered and I am a creative person.

We can say , Direction was somewhere in your jeans?

Siddhant Issar : Yes (Laughs) My Grandfather Sudesh Issar was too a Director and he made many films with Vinod Khanna , and you know that Prem Geet where Raj Babbar was launched which had this song “HOTON SE CHULO TUM….”

Priyanka Raina: Oh yaah , one of the favourites ….

Siddhant Issar : And he Sudesh Issar had also launched Jagjit Singh with that song and lots more. Somewhere “Direction” was genetic and now as “Lockdown” was roaring , Our Theater plays got cancelled and staying at home get frusatated ideas were coming , Then I thought why not ?

Any plans to make GARV sequel ?

SIddhant Issar : No not exactly , By the time GARV was made , its was first time that Salman Khan was introduced as Police officer and later his Dabangg happened. Now Rohit Shetty sir is making lots on Police and as of now “No sequel of Garv“. It was major Hit of that time and its good not to touch a good film.

Siddhant Issar , Priyanka Raina and “Garv” Puneet Issar

Tell us something about your short film , on how the whole idea came up like what does Resurrection mean ?

Siddhant Issar : Basically Resurrection means “Coming back from the dead” As Jesus Christ when was put at CROSS – He came back alive from Dead . During Lockdown , everything was coming to an end, like Social life was Zero, Work was Zero , Health was not Zero but if you move out it could be, People could not pay rent because of which committing suicides. Then I thought somewhere someone should make a film on this and I can with this whole idea of Resurrection. Earlier film was titled “Life is Beautiful” which means you should not never Give up, I changed later to Resurrection which also means “Being Reborn”. “Creativity is best Antitude” and

The Biggest Miracle in this world is that “You are alive” . Like “Lockdown” happened and my Direction has invented , so there is something positive happening and discover the positivism around you.

Has you Dad (Puneet Issar) seen your short film?

Siddhant Issar : Yes infact he only suggested that you should make a short film on this . I was actually making video for facebook when came up with a idea and then planned for short film. With a limited staff as no one was allowed in buildings , I shot in my lift area, Building premises and my make up man use to sit in car outside building – That’s how we use to manage.

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Short film is live here

This Short film Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO) is available on Showman Theater Productions You Tube channel.

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