Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO) | (Review) Life is a moment , Enjoy it not destroy

Written and Directed by : Siddhant Issar

Produced by : Speaking Reels and Saakshat Entertainments

Review by :  Priyanka Raina 


Short Films” is a globalized platform where staying at any city you can set your Benchmark. Here “Content” is the Real Hero which plays a Lead role. A story richer in content achieves a major throwback on You Tube. 

Now when whole world is Locked under “Lockdown” , and Hurdles everyone facing of unable to pay rent, Jobless and committing Suicides. Based on this is story of Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO) by debutante director Siddhant Issar.

Story : Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO) is a story of girl who came to Mumbai with dreams is frustrated with problems in life with Broken relationships, No job and unable to pay rent. Frustrated from life , she was committing suicide when in a Disguise character (Siddhant Issar) appears and stops . Here is Siddhant is seen in Daryodhana costume , well to know more watch Short film on You Tube

Direction : Direction by Siddhant Issar needs a clap with well written story, Story is being executed well. scenes have an impact with one another. Nice to see characters like Gufi Paintal in small characters.

The Last Word : “Suicide is not a solution” – This line is well defined in Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO) through a story of struggles. How matter the difficulties are there, its time to face it and not choose a simpler way of ending up your life.

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This Short film Resurrection (JAAGO AND JIYO) is available on Showman Theater Productions You Tube channel.

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