Hum Apke Hain Kaun Actress Sahila Chaddha launches her new venture – LE MIRACLES in conversation with Priyanka Raina !

Hum Apke Hain Kaun Actress and Miss India Sahila Chaddha who has acted in more then 50 successful films now launches her new venture – LE MIRACLES. Check it out in chat with Priyanka Raina as Sahila Chaddha herself speaks about her Venture LE MIRACLES – An Restaurant and also all set to launch Acting classes which will be huge start up for fresshers.

By Priyanka Raina

Sahila Chaddha , Priyanka Raina

First of all tell ,How your Journey Started in Industry ?

Sahila Chaddha – I had won many contests and I was Miss India and my Dad Vimal Chaddha was from film background so blessed to start my journey here

Tell us about your new venture , How does the name LE MIRACLES derived ?

Sahila Chaddha – Like mostly everyone keeps name in the name of religion or any faith belief. So I thought as we are all Indians and above all Humans – So why not keep a name which is globally for one which goes internationally as well – and LE MIRACLES came. Also talking to hygiene level , I have different kitchens and separate cooks too for Vegetarian and non Vegetarian dishes. Customers those order from Zomato should get a home made feel, so we prepare total fresh food.

We are mostly concentrating on Quality , its basically my daughter Princess venture. I am supporting her fully, Of coarse she has worked very hard and we try to provide a Total HOME MADE fresh food.

Now tell us something about Acting Classes , as we are even coming with Acting tips to youth under LE MIRACLES ?

Sahila Chaddha – Acting classes is something that I was looking at quite a sometime now. “Le Miracles” is totally a Princess venture , where as Acting classes as I am an Actor so friends often told me that why not you start your own Acting classes as you are a Trained actor yourself.

I got first offer from Delhi and Bhopal as they were telling “Start acting class there”. But I thought as our main base in Mumbai , and Cinema is here so we will start first in Mumbai and then it will be everywhere as “Franchise” on demands.

Apart from “Feature Films” Also you have acted in Short film Zindagi which went viral on social networking sites with 45 milion Hits ?

Sahila Chaddha – Yes (Laughs) and I will only say about this as Zindagi is the only Short film which I have done till now. I only did because Director (Anil Sharma) whom had worked in film MAA earlier , his brother Kapil Sharma had approached me. Kapil told that I have written a subject on Life where you suit in a Main role.

So This I initially told , “Who’s Directing”. Kapil told she’s a new girl and we want you should promote her and help her. So I told first I want to meet her then I will take a decision. So we had a meeting and our Director Priyanka Raina is here taking a wonderful talk today.


Watch Full Conversation on ACTING CLASSES by Sahila Chaddha her self here

Actors can get in touch with LE MIRACLES at respective numbers +918767978777 , +919967886913 , +917208638689 , +919821985103 to Enroll in.

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