Deepak Balraj Vij talks on Incredible contribution , Journey with Actors in Indian Cinema !!

Indian Filmmaker who had introduced Ronit Roy Bose in Jaan Tere Naam , Baba Sehgal in Stuntman , and eventually became the first Director for Madhuri Dixit Nene to release her first HIT film “Sailaab” , as earlier were few of her releases but didn’t work. Meet Director Deepak Balraj Vij in a Exclusive chat on Incredible Cinema.

By Priyanka Raina

(L-R) Balraj Vij, Kishori Shahane Vij , Deepak Balraj Vij

Q. First of all, as I heard about Actor Balraj Vij , Tell some of BALRAJ VIJ films which I think also my Generation would be unaware of his films. As Even I came to know about Raj Kapoor after reading the Book “Khullam Khulla“. What a Cocktail of films. Also Am curious to know about the films acted by Balraj Vij actor .

Deepak Balraj Vij : Ya sure , My Father Balraj Vij was an Actor and was Discovered by Bimal Roy. Bimal Roy is one of the World’s most famous Director as everyone knows. Then Bimal Roy did a film called “Pehla Aadmi” which was based on the principles of Subhash Chandra Bose. The Balraj Vij did a film called “Vachchan” as main lead which was featuring Geeta Bali . The movie had this lovely song “CHANDA MAMA” , which had Music by Ravi and sung by Asha Bhosle. Then he did many films and being his son “I had a very great platform for me” to get into Cinema. My Dad never told me to be a Actor or Director, Think it was Destiny or Circumstances of impact of his movies which brought me to “Indian Cinema“.

Q. You have launched many faces like Baba Sehgal , Ronit Bose Roy and worked with Madhuri Dixit in “Sailaab” which eventually became her First HIT release. Tell of your associations.

Deepak Balraj Vij :See Cinema is such a place when anyone comes here and then everyone goes into their world of discoveries. Some go too high , Some go too low , its all Destiny and then they return with content. Baba Sehgal is a very good Rapper and music director. Aout Madhuri Dixit, what should I say and the Best part is she is natural actor.

In Sailaab , We did a song “HUMKO AAJ KAL HAI INTEZAAR ,KOI LEKE AAYE PYAR” choregraphed by Saroj Khan which Saroj ji use to show to producers that “This song is done by me” and This Hit Jodi got lots of Love with Many songs , EK DO TEEN being the iconic.

Q. Since you have introduced all Biggies of Cinema , Your son Bobby – are you planning to launch him or when can we see him in movies?

Deepak Balraj Vij : Everyone thinks as am Director , I would make film for Bobby but it’s not that way. He has made his way himself, He is one of the top Gladrags Model. Bobby has done lots of theaters and he makes his short films continuously on board. Tom he going for one big coarse to update himself in acting. Yes he will be very soon in Cinema. He knows Martial arts, Dance and all skills.

Deepak Balraj Vij, Priyanka Raina

Also to youngsters, I tell “Keep giving Auditions’ and never say no to good role, rest is your Destiny. like Shatrughan sinha became star even with that one scene. All depends on how you perform.

Q. Your Last film was MAALIK EK which I think was in 2010. And after making such big films which all are Musically Hit, what made a gap of Ten years?

Deepak Balraj Vij : Since Ten years , I have not made any film because earlier when I use to Make films – Was pretty easy. I use to announce when ever I wanted to start a film, For example want to start shooting on 10th and my infrastructure was strong by just calling up “Technical team” picture would start.

Now the biggest reason s “Distributers” and “Financer” whom I call as “Blood Suckers” , take film on 10 percent and Financer charge Two and Half percent interest on Lakh in return. Because of this many producers were in loses , Had to sell their homes to make films. Even I had to sell one of Home , well designed which I feel tell now. This all things go on , Then I thought what films to make and what I have to sell. Then I stopped and started working just as a Director.

Up to 25 films, I have directed as a Director and in all my films , Producers have earned huge profits. And even I got huge money. SO thought “why take tension” , Just be a Director and be happy. and In these Ten years , I have made lots of short Films. One of which is Made In India.

Q: Talking on Music , Music of all your films have been romantically Hit so far…

Deepak Balraj Vij : Music of all films weather “Sailaab” or “Jaan Tere Naam” or you talk on “Stuntman” is being loved, Coz I believe MUSIC is the only piece that connects with heart. and as you can see in background here too – with a soft Music. Music gives a warm sensation so I choose songs which I should feel in love first.

Q- Talking on Fans Question “Real Cinema or Commercial Cinema – Which of these give Director a major Throwback”

Deepak Balraj Vij : Good Question, see Real films are such which have real effect like when PM Rajiv Gandhi went in Bombblast – So I called up IMPPA and registered title “BOMBBLAST“. They were telling that such a incident has happened , everyone is sad and you want to register.

On this I told, “Incident has happened , I am sad and as am Filmmaker have idea in mind and if someone takes this title, Then I cannot make. I make films on real incident so this is called Realistic cinema. Now talking on Commercial films, I have given commercial Hits like Jaan Tere Naam which is totally opposite of this

Q What are your upcoming Projects in line?

Deepak Balraj Vij : My future projects are that I am directing one web series and planning to make sequel of JAAN TERE NAAM 2. That is only film I want to do as it had wonderful Music.

Q: Talking on Journalism, How would you differentiate Journalism in ancient in Todays times?

Deepak Balraj Vij : Firstly a sad news that a top most paper “Mumbai Mirror” has closed down. Now Talking on Journalism in 90s , what ever we use to share with them- They would only print that – And in return Gift give a Bottle of “Whisky” , “Conveyance” etc.

Also if outdoor shoot , some makers like Subhash Ghai would call them to shoot BY AIR , and it was all a different experience. Talking on Todays Journalism , We dont have to tell them a word, as they get matter via digital platforms. They take your information’s and check your history on Google , then by adding MASALA make a nice story. But I love Todays Journalism , Because I know once you say anything – It will take just a moment and you are on Air.

And as I can see all AWARDS on wall which you can see in video , On this Deepak Balraj VIJ says “This is in all a struggle of making 25 films , which takes a huge time”

Watch VIDEO for to see the Legacy of AWARDS of all musically Hit Films

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