Ritesh Deshmukh shows Love for “Regional” Cinema in order to make more Marathi movies

In these crucial times , its important to stay at home, stay safe and wait for your turn to get Vaccinated. Also you can discover yourselves in so many manners, Here Riteish Deshmukh chats with Priyanka Raina about his production, contribution towards “Regional” cinema and producing more “Marathi” movies

By Priyanka Raina

Also Ritesh says , “I know making regional movies is a language bar , as out of one state = No one understands your language. South Indian film has a huge market , similarly in north talking of Punjabi cinema which is doing huge. Talking on Marathi cinema, at least we should get 100 screens , so that Marathi filmmakers can survive.

Ritesh Deshmukh is excited to start his next movie based on life of Shivaji maharaj, which will go more on the life of marathas, watch live session o know more

Watch the Entire Live session here

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