Raj Kapoor Incredible friendship with Majrooh Sultanpuri gave us precious Treasures in Indian Cinema !

“The cinema that was made by “Raj Kapoor” will always be special in History of Indian Cinema , and guess when we will see those cinematic days in todays cinema “, – Priyanka Raina 

By Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina at Raj Kapoor Memorial in Pune

Being a Raj Kapoor fan , sharing a trivia about how it all started . As we all know that Raj Kapoor movies had incredible music, songs which melted our heart. And it all started when a struggling lyrics writer Majrooh Sultanpuri came into the eye as he was trusted friend of Jaddanbai.

Jadanbai (Nargis Dutt’s Mom)

 Jaddanbai was Nargis Dutt “s Mom who use to accompany her to sets .As Raj Kapoor and Nargis Dutt were shooting two movies at that time, One day when Jaddanbai could not go to sets , so she requested her assistant writer MAJROOH SULTANPURI to go to shoot. The film then being made was AAG, which was produced and directed by Raj Kapoor.

Starting with poetic conversation on sets, soon Raj Kapoor asked him to pen a song on situation and Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote song “Raat ko ji chamke taare”. This song was recorded by composer Ram Ganguly in the voices of Mukesh and Shamshad Begum.

Now Raj Kapoor loved the way Majrooh used to pen songs and soon he became the solo lyricist of ANDAZ which was produced and directed by Mehboob Khan, which was released in same year of Raj Kapoor’s Barsaat where he introduced another fresh pair of lyricist HASRAT JAIPURI and SHAILENDRA.

When Melodies were ruled by LOVE in Indian Cinema

However Raj Kapoor was observing Majroh Sultanpuri ‘s rapid progress as when he wrote poem against Jawaharlal Nehru at meeting orgaised for mill workers in mumbai where he clearly mentioned him as “Hitlor”.

Majrooh was asked to apologize , and he refused to do so saying “Writer has no limitations” and he was jailed. In jail, when Raj Kapoor went to visit him and he asked, “So Mr. writer , what is the song that you have been thinking about current situation? 

On this Majrooh incidentely wrote “DUNIYA BANANEWALE KYA TERE MANN MEIN SAMAYI , KAAHE KO DUNIYA BANAAYI” which was then penned for Teeseri Kasam movie. The song meant “O creator of this world, what came into your mind? Why did you create this world.” .

Raj Kapoor imediately paid him 1000 rupees for that song which was quite high that time as lyrics were paid only 150 Rupees. With the permission of Majrooh Sultanpuri , Raj Kapoor appointed Lyrics writers Hasrat Jaipuri and Shankar Jaikishan for finishing of song. This song was then sung by Mukesh and composed by Shankar Jaikishen.

In 1973, Raj Kapoor signed Majrooh Sultanpuri for his own production RK BANNER with the movie Dharam Karam which was directed by his son Randhir Kapoor.

Majrooh then wrote the iconic legendary song EK DIN BIK JAAYEGA sung by Mukesh which became a huge classical song for years. So this was how Raj Kapoor immense love for Music in Indian cinema , and we got some incredible songs to be loved forever. And Majrooh Sultanpuri hence wrote all songs for RK Banner .

Isn’t that an Incredible Love for cinema which would be remembered for years, guess when we will get those days back where Love had no boundaries.

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