“15th June” Historic Day in Indian Cinema| 20 years of LAGAAN & GADAR

Celebrating a “Historic” moment in the Indian Cinema. Yes on 15th june 2001 – Two movies LAGAAN and GADAR were released, and both were Blockbusters on Box Office.

LAGAAN and GADAR – Movies which had good songs , Emotions as both were based on “partition” , Love stories and above all they were rich in “Content” which made it a All time Blockbuster.

By Priyanka Raina

Lagaan -Very first movie of “Aamir Khan Productions” featuring Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh, AK Hangal and many more. Also it was the directorial Debut of Ashutosh Gowarikar. Sharing a small trivia about film, which initially I saw in making during my “Direction” coarse.

Did you know initially the story of “Lagaan” was rejected by Aamir Khan? . So as a result, Ashitosh Gowarikar wet to his home , locked him selves and started rewriting the story of Lagaan again. This took a long duration of six months.

So after finishing , he met Aamir Khan .Aamir Khan , “Where had you been for so long?” . On seeing story Aamir says, “Don’t tell me that you had been wasting time in that crap”. Ashitosh requests that pls listen one time , and just tell hows it.

Aamir Khan agreed to listen and so the program of narration was made with few more guests from film fraternity. In guests were even veteran producer Jhamu Sungadh. This time Ashutosh started narrating and as narration was going on, people started taking interest in it, also laughing on emotional moments. All this was noticed by Aamir Khan.

After listening to story for at least three to four times, Aamir Khan finally agreed to do film. But he thought for a moment, ” This movie where Director has to get full liberty, so who can be such producer who can blindly invest?”. “There cant be better producer then me, but I am acting and how can I produce”, Aamir Khan said to himself and at moment he brought his wife Reena Roy on board “This is your company, manage the production as I am acting” . Henceforth the process of Lagaan began with so many things simultaneously at one moments. Like on one hand location was sorted in “Bhuj” where the whole village was created . Here what I saw from outside there were small huts , but inside there were Engish toilets , adding sofa and air conditioners as temperature was too hot at time.

At same time in Mumbai, auditions process was going on . Here the actors have to come in village dress so that one gets a better look for film. Once actors were selected, Aamir Khan thought again “This is a movie where entire unit has to be together, in all it should look like a village” . So he booked every actor Six lakhs per month for 6months (36 lacs) and told “now just focus on work, do case study when we reach location”.

Actors reached location and started practicing like one making pots , one catching hen and etc. For cricket crowd , tons of people were called from villages nearby , giving them packet of biryani each. Isnt this seem a full fledge picnic, no wonder the film was a blockbuster.

Now coming to GADAR EK PREM KATHA, featuring Sunny Deol , Amrish Puri, Amisha Patel, Utkarsh and directed by Anil Sharma. Movie proved to be a hard hitting film on Box office.

Some scenes unlike “Handpump” effect became the iconic moments to cherish upon. Indeed what a day in Indian Cinema. Will we ever get such kind of film in Indian Cinema, The question is still alive”, – Priyanka Raina

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