Rajpal Yadav and Apoorva Vyas to Hit Three projects simultaneously (2 min Read)

Here’s the good news for the Covid hit film industry. Bollywood is coming back on tracks and the good news is writer-director and producer Apoorva Vyas has announced three projects with Rajpal Yadav and all three will be shot abroad.
At the posters unveiling ceremony of all three projects Apoorva Vyas announced that he will make a web series titled “The Code In Hungary” and two feature films named “Father On Sale” and “Krazy King” and Rajpal will star in all three.

By Priyanka Raina

“The Code In Hungary” is spy drama and this eight episodes Hinglish web series will be majorly shot in Hungary. Here Rajpal Yadav to play Interpol director and Seema Pandey will enact the role of Interpol officer.

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The film “Father On Sale” is emotional family drama and Rajpal will play the role of rags to riches father and the film will also star Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa and Tanya Desai. This film be shot in UK and 18 artists from UK will also act in it. 

Second film “Krazy King” will have Rajpal in title role and this film will be a tribute to all time great comedian Charlie Chaplin. It will be shot in USA and many Hollywood artists including Morgan Freeman and Martin Sheen will also star in it. 

According to director Apoorva Vyas I he is thrilled to direct Rajpal in all three projects and it’s challenging job to present him in never seen before type roles in all three projects.

Rajpal too is excited and he says,” I have done around 200 films in 24 years and never repeated myself. Post “Jungle” I was offered 50 films with the same roles but I refused all. When Apoorva offered me these three projects the first thing appealed me was the variation in all three projects and there was no similarity so I said yes to all three”. 

First the shooting of web series “The Code In Hungary” will start and then the shooting of one film after another will begin. For More More Bollywood updates , Don’t forget to Log to Priyanka Raina for Priyanka Raina Short films and SUBSCRIBE to our website www.themagicpr.com 


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