Amazon Launches Priyanka Raina s First Book “Top 20 Movies in 2020”

Amazon Launches Priyanka Raina s First Book “Top 20 Movies in 2020”

Priyanka Raina

“Had it not been Covid, I haven’t even dreamt to start writing a Book” , Priyanka Raina confidentiality starts her note. I would rather be Directing short films or Assisting in feature films.

 Adding to it, This happened when the Second wave was introduced , and landed up doing nothing. So I was just having a look at my previous articles (which are countless) and thought for a moment. Discussed it with publisher, they like idea and told to send a draft. I took days to write and finally it happened , Yes my First Book “Top 20 movies in 2020”.

You can Order and Read the Book written by Priyanka Raina on Amazon , Flipcart, Norton Publications by clicking on link given below.

Earlier Priyanka Raina has directed numerous Short films unlike Zindagi,  Love lust locha,  Soft drinks injurious to health , Main heroine banna chahati hoon, Wrong number,  Neha and many more which are all on social platforms.  Also ZINDAGI hitting more then 47 million Hits on YouTube. 

Apart she has assisted in feature films send also writes for a website.

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