First Vlog of 2022 by Priyanka Raina

It’s almost one week of Fabulas 2022, and Let me post my First Vlog. Was thinking hard on what topic to post at this stage when no movies are coming out. So let’s discuss on Indian Cinema by Priyanka, latest Book written on Amazon.

By Priyanka Raina

Chilling into Lovely 2022 vibes, and guesses we are planning to Start 2 Feature films and few short films on Board.

Previously Priyanka has Directed several Short films unlike Zindagi which has his 47 million Hits on you tube, Love Lust locha which is airing on Sony liv. Apart there are many short films on official You tube channel Omniscent Entertainment .

Also in 2021, Two Book published by Priyanka released on Amazon titled “Top 20 movies in 2020” and “Indian Cinema by Priyanka ”

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