Wanted the personalities of the much loved jodi of Tiger and Zoya to shine through!’ : Tiger 3 director Maneesh Sharma

‘Wanted the personalities of the much loved jodi of Tiger and Zoya to shine through!’ : Tiger 3 director Maneesh Sharma speaks about how he broke the internet with the release date announcement video

By Priyanka Raina

After keeping the project under wraps for almost a year, Yash Raj Films simply dropped the release date announcement video of Tiger 3 last week and broke the internet! There was mass hysteria as fans rejoiced that their favourite superstar, Salman Khan was again reprising the role of the suave spy, Tiger! Salman is paired opposite the heartthrob of the nation, Katrina Kaif, who returns to reprise the role of Zoya – also a spy in the much-anticipated high octane action extravaganza!

Director Maneesh Sharma opens up about what really worked for the video to become viral in just minutes after the drop!

He says, “When I was handed over the reins of Tiger 3, I had one singular vision – to take this massively popular and beloved franchise to a level that would set a new benchmark. With the launch announcement, we wanted the personalities of the much loved jodi of Tiger and Zoya to shine through and I think that’s what’s made the announcement such a hit with fans. Having whetted their appetite, I can only say that the actual movie is something that will be well worth the wait.”

Whenever a film from the Tiger franchise arrives, people expect that it will deliver something supremely fresh and new. The fact that the date announcement video has become a rage on the internet also highlights multiple factors working for the film in a huge way. First, people were longing to see the quintessential action superstar back as Tiger. Without any official announcement from the makers, the anticipation became sky high! Second, of course, Katrina as Zoya is one of the most loved heroines on the big screen because of what she does through the franchise.

Third, the return of the Salman-Katrina pairing on the big screen! They are one of the most loved on-screen Jodis in the history of Indian cinema and there is always anticipation to see them together. The duo in a Tiger franchise film is just too priceless for fans and that’s definitely added to the virality. Fourth, is the power of the franchise. The previous films have all set new benchmarks in the industry and there is overwhelming anticipation from people to see what will happen in Tiger 3.

Fifth, is the powerful creative concept of the date announcement video. YRF wanted to present Salman and Katrina in their most authentic way possible keeping in mind what their loyal fan base expects from the film. The video unit exactly delivers how Salman and Katrina are as Tiger and Zoya in the film. That connected with audiences at a whole new emotional level, leading to the unit going berserk on the internet.

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