Celebrating Birthday in “Paradise” is Time to be with Nature- Priyanka Raina

Birthday in Paradise , is actually something you may be looking to opt for. Breathing 10p percent freshness of Oxygen and “Snow” love in Kashmir.

Seeking Blessings of WAHEGURU ji on way to Gulmarg

Well Started the Day on Houseboat with Early morning Jogging, to beautiful Shikara ride by cutting the cake

Then seeking Blessings of WAHEGURU JI on my way to Gulmarg with a beautiful view ahead.

Coming to Gulmarg , Made it a full adventurous journey by doing Ice Skee, Sledge, CYCLE, Snow walk and lots more.

Ice Skee
With Jammu And Kashmir police while doing Cycling

So if you want to make you vacation memories, then Kashmir is just perfect for you . Be in “paradise” , Time to be with yourselves.

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