MIFF 2022 – Where Cinema speaks through World of Short films

(MIFF 2022) Mumbai International Film Festival known for some contented Short films and Documentaries national and internationally to be screened through out Festival. The world of ‘Short films’ is so vast because to tell your story within 5 to 10 mins needs a tight screenplay.

By Priyanka Raina

Short filmmaker Priyanka Raina on her recent visit to MIFF 2022 , meets French filmmakers Meena Hag , Indian documentary makers , knows their hardship , the efforts of making a film.

Also it’s privileged to start your journey with Short films , The trend I started with very first Short film ‘Clean and green India way back im year 2011 ‘to hitting the biggest one ‘Zindagi’ , Love lust locha and many more….Today world is celebrating Short films

Meeting lots of Documentary filmmaker Ramesh Tekwani who himself holds festivals internationally for shorts named ‘Docs and shorts’.

You can also view shorts films online at shorts.tv

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