“Content” Vs “Propsal” | CONTENT creates STARS And Stars Don’t create CONTENT.

It takes a Blood to make a film as its a unit of more then 300 people. If one film works, it’s the survival of so many ‘Kitchens’ associated with it. In Todays Cinema , there’s a very bad phase of PROPOSAL part going on, let me clarify below

By Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Analysis CONTENT over Proposal


Genuine Process of Filmmaking – First the Story is written which takes around 6 months followed by its screenplay and Third Draft and Final Draft of scripting. Once Scripting is Done, its followed by LOCATION HUNT known as ‘RECCI’ where you plan your scenes and songs picturisation.

Once Song picturisation is done , then Director come back and sit with MUSIC team to record songs. Now comes the casting of film , which happens when CHARACTERISATION from script is done. This is process when your BACKBONE is strong.


But now days , These cooperates have spoiled the entire game of Film Industry. When you enter Forget the content, First question is asked “What’s the Proposal?”

Now tell me , the recent film SHAMSHERA wasn’t excellent in proposal – RANBIR KAPOOR, SANJAY DUTT , VAANI KAPOOR Then a bit Character actors RONIT ROY , SANJAY MISHRA To add the loop.

With such Brilliant PROPOSAL , it should have got audiences to theaters and recovered its cost, isn’t it?

Proposal don’t get audience to theaters , it’s the CONTENT that long lasts. Wake up Producers , Cooperates before it’s too late.

Movies unlike Kashmir Files, Badhai ho , Pyar ka punchnaama (first part) had now so called STAR in it , but they worked with Shining numbers.

Wake up Producers , Cooperates before it’s too late and start appreciating CONTENT over STARS , Because its CONTENT that creates STARS And Stars Don’t create CONTENT.

If Content is bad, it can even destroy Stars which I think SHAMSHERA is a Perfect example to proove

Result of Biggest Proposal , removed from theaters on 4th day
Result of CONTENT within Seven days

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