Attitude over a Disaster film “Shamshera is Ours…” posted by Director

Have been reading the recent note by Director Karan Malhotra on saying “Shamshera is Ours” posted on Instagram. See the Attitude towards with no guilt of giving the biggest Crap to Audiences.

Priyanka Raina pens a note to “Shamshera is Ours”

Infact I can say , Shamshera was no wonder bigger the ‘Corona’ the recent pandemic which we all are aware off. Infact Karan Malhotra has no guilt , He and Karan Johar thinks that they will get all Superstars under one roof , and we will earn money.

Sorry Boss, Today’s audiences want ‘Content’ which is the only Hero. So start bidding on Content instead of getting Stars , and then writing this useless note when your film (As said by you- Shamshera is ours) proved to be a EPIC DISASTER.

As far as Ranbir Kapoor is concerned, he deserves movies like Sanju, Rockstar, YJHD, BARFII . He is a world class actor , so Dearest Ranbir please do movies unlike SHARMAJI NAMKEEN which gives a huge message.

I could stop my self when I saw note By Sanjay Dutt too on same topic ‘Shamshera is ours’

Keep it with you, We don’t need this crap as it gave me the biggest headache of my life. Had to see SHARMAJI NAMKEEN to get over this Crap Shamshera

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