Lal Singh Chaddha (Review) | “Perfectly” Copied from Forrest Gump

We will be talikng about movie Lal Singh Chaddha which is actually ADAPTION from Hollywood film Forrest Gump .

By Priyanka Raina

As for Perfectionist ‘Aamir Khan’, I can say after seeing LAL SINGH CHADDHA is Perfect in Copying scene to scene. Like some scenes are almost perfectly Copied, that you will be shocked.

– Meeting Girlfriend for First time in bus

– Army friend in Bus – Running scene when leg machine breaks off

– Mother Son scene when tells You are not less then anyone

– Army award scene

And above all TUR KALIYAN song which in FOREST GUMP covers all AMERICAN locations , and In LAL SINGH CHADDHA covers all INDIAN locations while running for three years. This was my verdict , Do tell your opinion how you feel about it?

Watch out video review by Priyanka

Lal Singh Chaddha releases in theaters on 11 Aug 2022 and will be on OTT after one month

FORREST GUMP is available on AMAZON PRIME, Watch and see difference.

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