Why Aamir Khan releasing LAL Singh Chaddha now in Intolerant India?

Dear Aamir Khan ,

I was huge fan of you as the first film as a child seen was Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar ke. Since then I respected you as actor, But as you said about our Nation India has really TAKEN ABACK me

By Priyanka Raina

IntolerantIndia – You are saying to nation which has actually made you “Aamir Khan” , given you name

The world goes out, travels , this doesn’t mean you can show Disrespect for your own Nation.

Outside you will be always known as “Oh this is new film of Some Indian Actor , known as Lal Singh Chaddha”

Sorry to say, I respect you as actor but I salute my Country🇮🇳 first. And will not go who is against my Nation. This will intolerant to my Nation, who has given me everything.

Friends this was my opinion, who was once and now too a huge Aamir Khan fan, but when comes to Nation – There s nothing beyond it. What is your opinion about Lal Singh Chaddha, do mention in comments below?

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