CHUP (Trailer) – “Audience” is Biggest Critic

R Balki who always stands for creating Masterpieces , For example you see PADMAN touching a sensitive topic giving a powerful message .

We all are aware of Guru Dutt s Kagaz ke Phool , But what happened that he was unable to make a single film after that?

Critics” ka Critic – Feels so sad , that if filmmaker will not pay money they will Trash movie badly in a bin.

And even a biggest Kalank Disaster movie is given Four to Five Stars , because Makers fill Critics pockets by gifts and Money.

Watch CHUP Trailer here

Chup movie will tell the phase of “Kagaz ke phool” , and requests every Critic thst films are made out of Blood. If Makers are not able to pay, and if film is good – Don’t trash film so that one has to think to make next.

Remember, it’s Audience who is biggest critics As they are paying their hard earned money.

Chup featuring Sunny Deol releases in Cinemas on 23 Rd Sept 2022

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