Kagaz Ke phool (A Cult Classic by GURU Dutt)

There are so many movies in Indian Cinema which are totally missed out , and washed away because it got Bad reviews, isn’t it?

But why are movies being Trashed ? The meaning of “Review” is to tell that what’s there in film, its story , Music and message . Review doesn’t mean searching ‘Controversies’ within movie😂 . We will tall about a GURU DUTT classic movie KAGAZ KE PHOOL which I recently watched after seeing Movie CHUP , Directed by R BALKI.

By Priyanka Raina

Before we talk on movie , let me ask “How many remember Guru Dutt ‘s Birthday?” This question was beautifully framed in movie CHUP REVENGE OF ARTIST By Director R Balki. This is what pinched me to see Cult classic.

Well Kagaz ke phool is all about Filmmakers journey , portrayed by GURU Dutt himself on how he discovers his Paro (The beautiful Waheeda Rehman) when he goes to meet his family.

Guru Dutt (Born on 9th July)

Kagaz ke phool gives a lovely message that “Fame doesn’t stay with you lifelong, so never be proud of. Fame requires lots of struggle , hardwork and dedication “

Watch Full movie KAGAZ KE PHOOL

And don’t repeat the same mistake of missing out Cult classic KAGAZ KE PHOOL because of Critics . Watch a beautifully framed CHUP REVENGE OF ARTIST By RBALKI sir

R BALKI sir and Priyanka Raina

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