No wants to Boycott Bollywood, Just increase CONTENT

It’s not about #BoycottBollywood ; its all about CONTENT In Indian Cinema

But Where’s Content . Today’s cinema has ZERO story with BAD MUSIC. We still listen 90s music to get the romantic feeling and positive vibes.

For example, I was watching Ram setu. Believe Me , could not even bare to watch more than 20 mins as I got a deep sleep

Today’s films are not films , they are good medicines of sleeping dose

2022 has only 3 hits ,rest all EPIC DISASTERS…

If not Boycot, just tell me, will you watch SHAMSHERA with family to give them headache ?

Will you watch Brahmastra, which is far away from Content and just a crap?

For example, A top production made AB MARD KO DARD NAHI HOTA, Sky is pink….Which were huge Disasters in content too , and they want us to watch SCRAP 🤣

Sorry thd CONTENT is missing and Bollywood going insane with term BOYCOTT ?

They are making such SCRAP and they want us that to watch 🤣 Sorry , Today’s audience are not fools that they will spend 500 on ticket and then take a DISPRIN tablets.

Increase your CONTENT like punjabi Cinema and then see…people will watch…

Every one loves to watch movies & people are watching SOUTH and #Punjabi movies 🎬

No one boycotted DRISHAYAM 2 , Kashmir files and Bhool Bhooliya 2 , make Good movies first then you have audiences

Thank you

Priyanka Raina

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