Day 1 of ( FICCI FRAMES 2023) – By Priyanka Raina

Day 1 of Ficci Frames was fruitful by launching with “POOJA” factor , That’s AYUSHMANN KHURRANA introduced by Pritam Singh Pyaare.

Finally caught Pooja by Priyanka Raina on outskirts of FICCI-FRAMES 2023

Meeting with Dear friend “ROJA” , “Phool aur Kaante” MADHOO SHAH at a Talk session of Digital India was innovative.

Also in picture with MADHOO SHAH are Actor / Anchor Pritam Pyaare And Priyanka Raina.

Then catching with few business delegates, line producers on international circuits .

In pic below is Tran , Taj Actor , Actor / Anchor/ Host Pritam Pyaare and Priyanka Raina.

Do post your feedback, as we Looking forward to DAY 2 of FICCI-FRAMES updates

Stay tuned to official Website

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