Day 2 (FICCI FRAMES)- A Vlog with Priyanka

Day 2 (FICCI FRAMES)- A Vlog with Priyanka

Day 2 of FICCI-FRAMES kicked off with well When I was sitting and having my Green Tea. When an Actor and dear friend BHUMI PEDNEKAR just entered and welcomed me, “Hi Priyanka, how are you” .

I was suprised, Told “Yesterday was POOJA (Ayushmann) at Ficci, and Today met you at FICCI . Completed DUM LAGA KE HAISHA”

Bhumi smiled, “Oh pooja, just wondering you talking on AYUSHMANN movie. Oh yes , it’s wonderful that some times. Meet BHUMI PEDNEKAR who had always done Contented Cinema which has huge relevance to society

.Then was fruitful in chatting with ROCKSTAR Director IMTIAZ ALI Sir, Also Sir gave us Video for Fan Page on Instagram “Imtiaz Ali Story teller”

Siddharth Roy Kapoor discussed about Fresh writers should be accepted in Cooperates, if we want to make GOOD MOVIE, Then simply work om Content

Fruitful Discussion with ASHISH KULKARNI Sir on VFX, Animation and lots more.

Also was fun catching with friends with ACTOR PRITAM PYAARE, Rita Dasand anc many more friends

Well that was all great Sessions at FICCI DAY 2

Do let us know your love for MUMBAI , snd your favourite Food. Till then Visit Pooja performing Ayshmann ….

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