Thank you 2022 for adding MUSIC in me- Priyanka Raina

Last Day of Beautiful , Creative and ‘Musical’ Year 2022 which has built a New Addition in me

By Priyanka Raina

Playing Guitar 🎸 is itself meditation and am glad now can compose songs using basic Chords, Priyanka Raina says

Also when Bollywood was busy making ” Epic Disasters ” (Read my previous article) – I was actually innovating myself into new Addition into the world of MUSIC industry.

Except the SOUTH and Punjabi Cinema which actually saved Cinema, Bollywood only has THREE hits in 2022 leaving a huge list of DISASTERS .

Beautiful ‘Musical’ year which has built a sweet word MUSIC in me, which itself is getting into meditation . Glad I can now create layers ,combine them and make into a lovely composition ❤️

Looking forward into your Friend 2023 with lots more Creative innovations

Piano Tutorials by Priyanka

Thank you and Keep loving

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Also guitar lessons by Priyanka Raina, on her most favourite iconic signature tune of 90s DDLJ.

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Kishori Shahane Makes it Big for her performance in Jeevan Sandhya (Marathi)

Well known actress Kishori Shahane Vij added one more feather to her already well decorated cap by winning Kaladarpan Special Jury Award for her sensitive performance in Marathi film “Jeevan Sandhya“.

By Priyanka Raina

The glittering award function was held on 27 Dec. at St. Andrew’s auditorium, Bandra and was very well attended by the big stars and names of Hindi and Marathi film industry.

The story of the film revolves around senior citizens and here for the first time Kishori played the role of an aged woman.

“This award is big achievement for me and it is helping me to boost my confidence to do challenging roles and to play characters which have depth. I am really thankful to all jury members and promise that now expect more and more powerful and sensitive performance from my side” she says delightfully.” , Kishori Shahane Vij says.

Kishori Shahane is popular actress of 90s who acted in Films BOMBLAST , Directed by Deepak Balraj Vij and many more.

Hence forth she acted in many marathi movies ,and by winning Big Boss Title in Marathi. Now she is MAST MAST girl in popular Television soap GUM HAI KISI KE PYAR MEIN .

Audiences will find it irresistible to dance to the beats of Jhoome Jo Pathaan’ : Siddharth Anand 

It’s party season and as promised by Yash Raj Films and Siddharth Anand, the makers are set to drop the second song from the film titled Jhoome Jo Pathaan.

By Priyanka Raina

After the humongous global hit in Besharam Rang, they are again giving audiences a dance track aimed at becoming a chartbuster by getting people to groove on the dance floor. What’s really exciting about Jhoome Jo Pathaan is Arijit Singh singing again for Shah Rukh Khan after delivering some of the biggest musical hits for him like Gerua, Hawayein, Zaalima, Manwa Laage, among others.
Siddharth says, “When we were planning Jhoome Jo Pathaan, I was clear that we should have Arijit Singh sing for Shah Rukh Khan. He is the number one singer of our country and we wanted him to sing for the number one evergreen superstar of our country! Arijit has weaved magic with his charismatic voice in this dance number that sees SRK and Deepika let their hair down and groove to the music.”
Jhoome Jo Pathaan has been picturised on SRK and Deepika, who are one of the biggest on-screen pairings in the history of Indian cinema given their epic blockbusters Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express and Happy New Year. So, the makers of Pathaan were dead set to give audiences an album that will go down in history as one of the most liked film albums of all time.
Siddharth adds, “Music plays a very vital role in my films and fortunately the music of my films have always been well reviewed. I have only tried to entertain people with the music of my film and I’m very, very particular about it because it adds a lot of value to the film and also to the viewing experience of audiences who are paying money to come and watch the films that we make. Jhoome Jo Pathaan is a song that I’m very proud of and extremely confident about. I think audiences will find it irresistible to dance to the beats!”
Pathaan is India’s biggest ever action spectacle for audiences. The visually spectacular Yash Raj Films’ action extravaganza, Pathaan, is part of Aditya Chopra’s ambitious spy universe and has the biggest superstars of the country Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in it.

Directors Siddharth Anand and Priyanka Raina

Directed by Siddharth Anand, the adrenaline pumping film is set to release on Jan 25, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Year 2022 is a year of “Epic” Disasters , Except the Paradise ‘Kashmir’ ruling with ‘South’ &’Punjabi Industry !

Year 2022 is a year of “Epic” Disasters , Except the Paradise ‘Kashmir’ ruling with ‘South‘ &’Punjabi Industry !

What’s going wrong in ‘Bollywood’ ? The makers choose Stars over Content, The so called “Proposals” , on Who’s Who – The reason it have been a year of giving major Epic Disasters in History of Indian Cinema.

Year 2022 started with KASHMIR FILES which is the only Blockbuster with Housefull shows in theaters , It ruled cinemas because of its true story , The ‘Content’ which everyone wanted to know.

Kashmir Files is true story of how Kashimiri Pandits were forced to leave their homes , The Terror which people from across Borders humiliated with Pak Currency , Pak Flags.

Kashmir Files , Directed by Vivek Agnihotri featuring Anupam Kher, Puneet Issar , Mithun Chakraborty in lead roles reveals the true but sad phase of what happened in Jan 1990.

This is great example of choosing Content over Stars and Box office ruled.

Another only film which became a surprise Hit with ruling cinemas was Bhool Bhaliya 2

Now let us get back to Stars of Content , Biggest ever Proposal made was SHAMSHERA which was very rich in Star value , but a poor Content made it EPIC DISASTER NO 1.

Coming to another film Rich in Star was a remake of 1994 film LAL SINGH CHADDHA. The movie flopped badly at Box office , coz it lacked in Direction speaking wrong punjabi through out the film. This made the film as EPIC DISASTER NO 2.

Also another film which was ruled heavily in media because the unit gave some media – A trip to Hyderabad Trashed badly at Box office coz its Poor content getting label of EPIC DISASTER NO 3. The film was Radhe Shyam . Its shows were cancelled even in Hyderabad and Kashmir files got its shows.

Another one to rule in this category is Prithviraj Chauhan , which was a expensive film with very rich in “STAR” , Locations , but Poor in Content made it EPIC DISASTER NO 4

Jug Jug Jiyo – The movie which was rich in Star value over a poor dragging content made it EPIC DISASTER N 5.

Unchai was yet another drawback which didn’t worked at Box office, inspite being a powerful story.

Also one of the film BRAHMASTRA which was very Rich In its so called STAR value , but failed miserably at Box office due to its poor content.

Well the years started with series of Flops such as Jhund, Badhai Do , Valmai, Gangubai, Batman , Bachchan Pandey , Attack, Jersay, Runway 34, Heropanti 2, Jayeshbhai Jordar, Dhakad, Janhit mein jaari , Charlie, Khuda Hafiz, Rakshabandhan, Ek villian returns, Dobaara , Liger, Vikram Vedha , Godfather were totally Rich in its Star value but very poor in Content . Goodbye was a total Goodbye at Box office. Code name Tiranga, DoctorJi , Black adam , Ram Setu , Phone bhoot, Bhediya , Action hero Thank God failed miserably at Box office.

CHUP was a surprise package which brought a different message within.

Credits goes to South Indian Cinema for saving ‘Cinema’ with “Content’ films unlike RRR, KGF2, Kartikaya 2. Major and Vikram added a bit of flavors

Also Punjabi Cinema ruled Box office with Superhits Yaar mera titliyan warga , Honeymoon and much more. Reason is Punjabi Industry makes clean film – A film which can be seen with whole family

OTT s proved major failure with some heavy ‘Star’ valued projects. Only films like Forensic and Panchayat were success . Rest I barely know if any good film

Life is Beautiful (Review) | Jackie Shroff

Life is Beautiful is 2 Hour film featuring Jackie Shroff, and Directed by Anant Mahadevan

Before we talk on movie , Let’s know a bit about the Director. Yes Anant Mahadevan had Directed XPOSE earlier featuring Himesh Reshammiya.

Now , Life is Beautiful deals on a Journey of a man (Jackie Shroff) working in a bank and is all alone. A girl in his neighbour develops friendship with him and how it builds is all about LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

The movie Life is Beautiful gives the best message that Don’t be alone, Nature is always with you , So enjoy every bit of it

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review by Priyanka Raina

IFFI Goa should be accused of Calling Kashmir Files ‘Vulgar’! – Priyanka

Kashmir Files is not just a film , But a sad reality that no one even wants to remember.

By Priyanka Raina

A Trauma which Kashmiri Pandits amd Hindus faced , Forced to leave their Home just because Some people across the Borders (Muslims) were telling on Gun point.

In 1990 , They were giving Pakistan Currency in Kashmir, Putting Pakistan flags all over in Kashmir and above all forcing Pandits to have BEEF on Gun point. This is Called , VULGARITY Dear Iffi Goa .

Where are Kashmiri Pandits today in Kashmir?

Kashmiri Pandits all over in USA on top posts where KASHMIR FILES screening was organised almost in every country of USA, UK , and all over the world.

A very well presented by Vivek Agnihotri sir to show the cruel phase of these monsters, And special Thanks to Narendra Modi that after years KASHMIR has only one FLAG 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Kashmir files is a true incident, Cruelty of these Muslims on how Forcing to have Beef on Gun Point, Now that’s ‘Vulgar’

Wearing BURKHA and commiting crimes , that’s biggest ever VULGARITY of these nuisance

ANUPAM KHER s verdict

Vivek Agnihotri announces another film while giving reply to these fake propaganda

“RAMAYANA”- Timeless Saga by Puneet Issar and Siddhant Issar

Before we talk about A fabulous Play RAMAYANA by Puneet Issar , let’s rewind our selves a bit to know the Journey.

Puneet Issar had Directed MAHABHARATA from the perspective of DURYODHANA , then RAVANA from perspective of RAVANA . These plays were so engaging, that you won’t even see your mobile for a second.

Now presenting next Theater play RAMAYANA – A Timeless Saga which Symbolises victory of Good over Evil Directed by Puneet Issar along with SIDDHANT ISSAR who us eventually portraying character of RAM.

RATING : 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

By Priyanka Raina

This a beautiful Ironically scene between RAM and RAVANA – Climax scene which also indicates Victory of Good over Evil , Light over Darkness and Knowledge over Ignorance abd Arrogance.

Ramayana is a beautifully framed that covers all important aspects in Timeless Saga in 3 Hours play- Play which keeps you engaging with powerful dialogues , Performances.

The central portrait Lord Ram is played by Siddhant Issar . Here comes RAM and Lakshman

Ram (Siddhant Issar) and Lakshman (Vikram Tiwari) along with Priyanka Raina

Next is Pawan Putr Hanuman who is also recarnation of Lord Shiva , played by Vindu Dara Singh

Priyanka Raina with JAI HANUMAN (Vindu Dara Singh)

Now comes Whole and sole of RAMAYANA, Without whom RAMAYANA wouldn’t be possible if His Sister wasnt hurt by Lakshman , if he wouldn’t have Kidnapped Sita and if he wouldnt have got Blessings .. – A RAVANA played by Puneet Issar

Puneet Issar (Ravana) and Priyanka Raina

Also all characters did a fantastic job , that you just can’t miss out this TIMELESS SAGA by Puneet Issar . Check on the next play on BOOK MY SHOW to watch

One character which just can’t miss out is Ravana s Sisters character. This character is played by Payal Goga Kapoor. She is daughter of KANS MAMA, Remember him Mahabharata?

Payal Goga Kapoor and Priyanka Raina

Chk out some best frames captured and don’t miss out this fantastic play on BMS

RATING : 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

RAMAYANA “Jai Shri Ram” a Timelesss saga by Puneet Issar , Click to Book

Anupam Kher Hits Hatrick With “UUNCHAI” in 2022| Indian Cinema

Movies work on ‘Content’ and nothing else. In the top circle where all movies are Floping badly in row, One actor who is also known as Master of ACTING ‘ANUPAM Kher ‘totally saves CINEMA on taking it to UUNCHAI level.

By Priyanka Raina

Firstly KASHMIR FILES in March 2022, which took Cinema to another level hitting Biggest ever record , Then came KARTIKEYA 2 to add more flavours and Finally its in 75 th year of RAJSHRI PRODUTIONS hitting to UUNCHAI levels.

This is only possible from the the man who prepares upcoming Actors (Actor prepares) and also has great knowledge on selection of stories, Salute Anupam Kher sir 😊

Uunchai (Review) | Fairy tale of Himalayas with a superb message

Well who doesn’t love to have a cup of “Tea” in Himalayas, and especially when it’s snowing would be a “Bonus” , isn’t it ?

The movie UUNCHAI which is a story of FOUR fast friends – Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani and Danny Denzongappa. Here they get together to celebrate DANNY s Birthday and next day Danny dies due to cardiac arrest. His wish was to visit EVEREST which remained a dream only.

So Amitabh Bachchan decides when he sees EVEREST CAMP tickets in his book , which Danny has already booked 2 months after.

Well the Trio Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher and Danny were also part of Superhit EK DOOSRE SE KARTE HAIN PYAAR HUM.

Will not reveal much about UUNCHAI , But Their journey to Everest on taking a break in Kanpur and Gorakhpur – Hurdles they face it all about with a beautiful message and above all its SOORAJ R BARJATYA film.

Cast – Amitabh Bachchan

Priyanka Raina with Bachchans

Well Amitabh Bachchan did a exotic performance instead of just one scene where he fell ill, There while he was speaking Dialogue looked pretty old (was Without makeup) and moment after that when he saw snow, face started glowing (Face was with make up) . This small thing should had been taken care off.


With the most loved person who is also known a Actor of Method acting- Anupam Kher

Anupam kher is the only Actor who looked constantly just in his character , He is one actor who does method acting and you will see the character he playing in movie.

The scene when he sits in Doli or calling Raju kher Elder Brother he was was playing his younger brother.

Priyanka Raina with Boman Irani

Boman Irani

Boman Irani was good in all scenes but gave a pretty “MAMU” wala feeling especially when he performed a emotional scene . He should get out of his “Munnabhai” series and think the character he is playing.

(Priyanka Raina with Tinnu Anand and Sarika)


Sarika was actually childhood friend of DANNY who leaves him and gets married to wealthy person. When she comes to know that DANNY stayed single all his life remembering her, she comes to apologise with his three friends .

Onle one scene where she explains looks over exaggerated , she can’t handle a emotional scene. No harsh but I think Hum Apke Hain kaun actress SAHILA CHADDHA would have done a better justification to this character

Neena Gupta did a fab job , and played herself more then her character.

DANNY had a small role , where his Birthday being celebrated , but looked energetic and fit , especially with his positive smile.

Priyanka Raina with Ayushmann and Parineeti

Parineeti Chopra

She didn’t had much to do , looked just a some character actor. “I could have portrayed her role better and that was also RAJ KUMAR BARJATYA s dream naa to see me acting in Rajshri productions” , Priyanka Raina says.

The best part and best scene of movie is when Elder Brother playing Younger brother. This indicates that FITNESS is important, As FITNESS is only thing that keeps you Younger

Anupam kher playing younger Brother of RAJU KHER.

Above all its SOORAJ BARJATYA film, way it has been shot Kanpur locations or Gorakhpur or Taj mahal shot or helicopter shots of Everest.

UUNCHAI releases in Cinema on 11 th November 2022. “Recommended ” watch for its so many messages within it.

Review by Priyanka Raina

The pic speaks Thousand words as Father of SOORAJ R BARJATYA

Raj Kumar Barjatya giving blessings to upcoming Directors Priyanka Raina and Avnish Barjatya

Also Their Casting director PK GUPTA at the time of PREM RATAN DHAN PAAYO , that not in this – but surely in next movie we will cast you, Where’s the promise?

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