After AKIRA flopped miserably & Shivaay negative publicity- Can we Judge AJAY DEVGN in wrong PR Hands

After AKIRA flopped miserably & Shivaay negative publicity- Can we Judge AJAY DEVGN in wrong PR Hands

Ajay Devgn , Priyanka Raina

By not inviting Media inside , and just telling Red carpet event & PRO standing inside with Actors – What does this mean ? Are Media slaves or eager to cover events. Without MEDIA how they will reveal their party , so Media has to respected with Ethics

Writing this Letter as Ajay Degn Sir is a Dear friend since I won contest of Once upon a Time in Mumbai, and from then who always respects me – But your Company is in wrong PRO hands who is responsible for your series of Flops by not sending Digital Media invitation
Let me Clarify, After I heard the entire evidence of Kumar Mangat – KRK recording & Kamaal R Khan Press conference, and already I know what tyoe of person Parag Desai is – Can tell Ajay Devgn sir that Parag Desai who was thrown out of KRK ‘s office because of rude behavior, How that person can do your PR.
Ajay Devgn Sir, “I respect you and seeing your graph that your films in row flopped miserably and seeing AKIRA’s result – Time to repeat History &Throw Parag Desai from your office too who is creating Dirty politics and negative publicity of your Dream project Shivaay” Said by Priyanka Raina
Also not giving importance to Digital Media by PRO’s where as Actors respect Digital Medium, then why they on Twitter and other social Networking sites whrere as Arjun Kapoor or many of them have ther personalized YouTube channel.
Also Recently Karan Johar who respect Digital Media, launched Ae Dil Hai mushkil digitally social Networking sites.
Also sharing some evidences which I was shocked to hear
Listen to Shocking conversation between Kumar Mangat & KRK


I salute KRK (Kamaal R Khan) for revealing truth about Parag, and Ajay sir “Please remove your Goggles and see your PRO after having Series of flops”

Kamaal R Khan KRK ‘s reply in Media 

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Writer BHEEMSEN’s Book ANIMATON launches on Jackie Shroff Birthday at MIFF!

Writer Bheemshen ‘s Book “Animation” was launched on JACKIE SHROFF Birthday at Film’s Division on Feb 1,2016.

Jackie Shroff, Bheemsen, Politician , Kireet Khurana, At ANIMATION Book launch at MIFF!

Book ANIMATION will tell you all Codes basically to conduct a Model. Basically its like Masterclass, which will benifit the Students in making Animation Models.

Mukesh Sharma (Doordarshan Director), Jackie Shroff and Bheemsen

BHEEMSEN is the father of KIREET KHURANA (Director of Tonpur ka SuperHero) featuring Ajay Devgn , Kajol. Kireet also shares his expeience of shooting with Devgns.

Priyanka Raina , BHEEMSEN and Painter at Film Festvals.

Watch Live BOOK Launch on ANIMATION here, Also Listen from Jackie Shroff

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