Ranveer Singh sporting the Bajirao Mastani look with artists of Rambo’s International Circus Festival

The artists and members of Rambo Circus and the neighbourhood were in for a pleasant surprise to have a favoured member of Bollywood visit them at their Bandra Camp.

Recently, Ranveer Singh was shooting in the camp of Rambo Circus.  Since the circus is  running an International Circus Festival here in Mumbai, the place is buzzing with artists from other popular circuses around the world participating in the event.

Ranvir Singh With Rambo Circus Artist 4
Ranveer Singh spotted at Rambo Circus

Even though Ranveer kept a low profile during the shoot, he displayed great sense of humility towards the artists and their families who he chanced upon at the camp.  Most of them dared not interrupt or disturb. But a lucky few artists who shot with him were left utterly besotted by him.  Besides his charismatic and oh-so- Bajirao look that he carries with aplomb, they were left humbled  and awed with his encouraging and supporting applause after each act and shot.

Ranvir Singh with Rambo Circus Artist
Ranveer Singh spotted at Rambo Circus

“ Ranveer ji, ne hamara hosla badaya aur hamare kartab ko khub saraya (translation : Ranveerji, boosted our morale and supported us with his applause ) “ said Davron from Russia who speaks  fluent Hindi.

Ranveer also offered to take selfies with the artist.   Samir an artist from Azerbaijan is pretty pleased to take back with him fond memories of his first visit to India and having  had an opportunity to perform with  a popular Bollywood artist.

The International Circus Festival moves further into the western suburbs and will be hosted at the Grounds of Borivali West starting from 20th December 2015 to Mid-January 2016.

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