BEFIKRE is a Complete remake of “NAMASTE LONDON”

To all fans, Here’s something exciting to know that recent released Film BEFIKRE *ing Ranveer Singh shocking to know that was not completely , but a Partly of SUPERHIT Movie NAMASTE LONDON featuring Akshay Kumar. 

Shocking , Recent Film Befikre by Aditya Chopra is  Remake of Namaste London by Vipul shah . Dont worry , We will prove by certain Evidences.


Evidence No 1 : In Befikre  Vaani Kapoor is Playing French Girl to Indian Parents who are settled in France , where as in Namaste London – Katrina Kaif is playing British Girl to Indian Parents who are settled in London.

Evidence No 2 : In Befikre Ranveer Singh is playing DILLI Boy who comes to Paris for his show “Comedy Nights with Ranveer” and decides to settle there , where as In Namaste London Akshay Kumar playing a Punjabi boy who has earlier made too many foreign visits but meets his love in Punjab (His native place) through his parents.

  • Why Namaste London Scored Better ?

Namaste London had some signs of respect where Akshay Kumar listens to conversation of foreighner and replies a ton in his national language hindi, where as Befikre had signs of fast forward life (Living Relationship) and Kisses all over.

Coming to Climax , in Namaste London Katrina feels love for India on thinking on sweetness melodies of her wedding and decides to settle back where as in Befikre love for India is shown through “Paranthas Vs Sandwhich

Songs of NAMASTE LONDON were sensational and emotional  rather then sex appeal, where as Songs of Befikre were more of revealing then coming to emotional track.

Also , on a special note Film Namaste London which had sweetness to explore hash behavioua of KAT to polite by Akshay Kumar, where as BEFIKRE had “I DARE YOU” between Ranveer and Vani to explore all daring naughtiest things.

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Befikre (2016) Review | Chiffon Sarees to Bikini’s

Befikre Poster

Directed By : Additya Chopra
Produced By Yashraj Films
Cast : Ranveer Singh , Vanni Kapoor
Review : By Priyanka Raina

About Talking films, we all are aware of Biggest Hit that is Running so far in Theaters Dilwale  Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – which I think all of us would have loved in our Childhood. Also when we talk about YASHRAJ legacy  what comes to our minds – sweetness, Love story, Chiffon Sarees, Romance, Isn’t it ?

Now talking about latest Film BEFIKRE by Aditya Chopra who is almost returning after Decade to his Direction, Its a Love story related to very Modern life style and shown that First they hook each other, Then Love and later Friends.

First Half is interesting where just hook each other with some Boldness and Masti full of feverishness, where as Second half goes a Bit slow as it was considered to coming back to our our own traditions where Vaani kapoor shows difference between “Paranthas and SandWhich

In short , BEFIKRE is story of DHARAM PAAJI (Ranveer Singh) who comes from DILLI to Paris for his show Comedy Nights with Dharam where he meets (Vaani Kapoor) on candid Disco day and they decide to carry on. Vaani Kapoor  is a girl from Paris , But her parents from Patiala who shifted to Paris and took citizenship. How she changes from French girl to Indian Girl , basically its that.

Also in Past , Movie has come NAMASTE LONDON featuring Akshay Kumar & Katrina Kaif – A Bit of similar story with different shades

Review : Can Give THREE STARS To the  Film – One for its Story line for keeping eye contact, One to Rocking RANVEER SINGH and one to the Director ADITYA CHOPRA

Rating : ★★ ★ Stars

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Ranveer Singh sporting the Bajirao Mastani look with artists of Rambo’s International Circus Festival

The artists and members of Rambo Circus and the neighbourhood were in for a pleasant surprise to have a favoured member of Bollywood visit them at their Bandra Camp.

Recently, Ranveer Singh was shooting in the camp of Rambo Circus.  Since the circus is  running an International Circus Festival here in Mumbai, the place is buzzing with artists from other popular circuses around the world participating in the event.

Ranvir Singh With Rambo Circus Artist 4
Ranveer Singh spotted at Rambo Circus

Even though Ranveer kept a low profile during the shoot, he displayed great sense of humility towards the artists and their families who he chanced upon at the camp.  Most of them dared not interrupt or disturb. But a lucky few artists who shot with him were left utterly besotted by him.  Besides his charismatic and oh-so- Bajirao look that he carries with aplomb, they were left humbled  and awed with his encouraging and supporting applause after each act and shot.

Ranvir Singh with Rambo Circus Artist
Ranveer Singh spotted at Rambo Circus

“ Ranveer ji, ne hamara hosla badaya aur hamare kartab ko khub saraya (translation : Ranveerji, boosted our morale and supported us with his applause ) “ said Davron from Russia who speaks  fluent Hindi.

Ranveer also offered to take selfies with the artist.   Samir an artist from Azerbaijan is pretty pleased to take back with him fond memories of his first visit to India and having  had an opportunity to perform with  a popular Bollywood artist.

The International Circus Festival moves further into the western suburbs and will be hosted at the Grounds of Borivali West starting from 20th December 2015 to Mid-January 2016.

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Priyagold Snakker ties up with Bajirao Mastani for co-branding !

The nation waited with baited breath for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next “BAJIRAO MASTANI”.  It seems to have pleased it’s expecting audience with the double charms of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone coming together with Ranveer Singh in one powerful epic story.

Priyagold Snakker, a popular munch snack from the house of Priyagold (Surya Food & Agro Ltd) became the front runner in associating with this film.  Check the youtube link for the same :

As the tag line goes….Ab ek film mein do heroine ka maza jaise ek pack mein do choco waffer ka maza . . . Priyagold Snakker bin khaye raha na jaaye jaise Bajirao Mastani Bin Dekhe raha na jaye !

CoverOberoi IBC is the agency which was instrumental in this tie up.  “We have been associated with bollywood since our founder, my uncle Suresh Oberoi started this agency.   Today, we are one of the lead players in providing one stop advertising and film branding for indian businesses and brands pan India” says Anand Oberoi, Managing Director of Oberoi IBC.

Born and raised into the bollywood family Anand Oberoi aspires to direct a commercial film eventually, right now he is happy directing indian family businesses and brands into the world of advertising and marketing.

The agency Oberoi IBC is slowly gaining popularity for their excellent connection in Bollywood and today it has been instrumental in several renowned artist and brand tie ups including Shilpa Shetty for Ankur Namak, Bipasha Basu & Rana Daggubati for Izarra, Saif Ali Khan for Neva and Priyagold, Omkar Kapoor for Mezno deo and  more.

About Priyagold Snakker :  It is a biscuit and confectionary brand from the house of Surya Foods & Agro Ltd.  It is the third largest brand in the country today which has a global presence in over 23 countries.

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Successful People Are Not Gifted; They Work Hard, Then Succeed On Purpose

First Look of BAJIRAI MASTANI Poster | Ranveer Singh

So the Patience is finally over , Here’s Heart breaking Poster of Sanjay Leela Bansali ‘s Next Bajirao Mastani Starring Ranveer Singh , Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukarne !

Bajirao Mastaani
Bajirao Mastani Poster

Here’s Solo Poster of Heartthrob RANVEER SINGH from movie Bajirao Mastani !

Bajirao Mastani Releases on 18th December 2015 , along side with Dilwale