Gulshan Grover in Talks with Priyanka Raina #NatureRedefined #CleanAndGreenIndia

Gulshan Grover , Priyanka Raina, Geeta das (Painter)

Happy that my First Blog of 2017 is associated with Nature, as have have made short films such as Clean and Green India.

“Since Gulshan Grover son Sanjay Grover  is into Animation , and how  GULSHAN GROVER ‘s interest towards painting, Creativity – How much you are attracted towards painting” As asked by Priyanka Raina.

On This Gulshan Grover replied, Feel totally nostalgic and get to learn from Sanjay (Sanjay Grover) a lot about creating characters , sketches and so on. Blessed to be here to see some nostalgic paintings

@rtisana7@rt a startup organization, came to existence for a social cause, bringing out theIN-TALENT of upcoming Artists.

The founder’s of @artisana7 @art emphasis on encouraging every artist to showcase their talent by participating in their exhibitions.

Also in frame Reknown painer GEETA DAS is seen , Short Filmmaker Priyanka Raina & Others

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Dharmendra , Gulshan Grover, Poonam Dhillon, Madhu Unveil SAVVY HONOURS – Celebrating Success !

! Dharmendra , Gulshan Grover, Poonam Dhillon, Madhu, JackieShroff Unveil                                  SAVVY Honors , Celebrating Success !!

The SAVVY HONOURS – Celebrating Success enlighten with Megastars Dharmendra , Madhu (Roza Fame) , Poonam Dhillon, Kanika, Jacky Shroff,Deepshika Nagpal, Gulshan Grover, Phahalad Kakkad, Pooja Batra , Ramesh Sippy, Kiran Juneja, Priyanka Raina, Jyothi Venkatesh , Tanmay Bharadwaj and Many others At TAJ on 24th july 2016

Priyanka , pooja and Gulshan ji
Gulshan Grover ,.Pooja Batra & Priyanka Raina at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra , Poonam Dhillon & Gulshan Grover at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra, Gulsahn Grover, with Tanmay Bharadwaj at SAVVY HONOURS !
Dharmendra Unveils SAVVY HONOURS
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Showman of Bollywood, Subhash Ghai celebrates 71st Birthday with Annual Alumini meet at Whistling Woods !

Subhash Ghai also clears about fees those who say are very high, “My Fees are mot High because Foreign delegates study here and they told me Here Education is First degree & apart Fees are One-Third of NYK Academy”
Subhash Ghai, Rajkumar Barjatya and ABBAS MASTAN
Subhash Ghai, Rajkumar Barjatya and ABBAS MASTAN
He Further Adds, “I have put my Seven years in Construction my Dream where I can give Knowledge to young Talent. I wanted to make Biggest Academy where I can give my Knowledge that I have learnt. As Education is Important so we have well qualified teacher who Teach our Students at Whistling Woods International. ” Also , There are Projects where they have to make Documentaries , Short Films etc and show their Presentation. Not only where there are with us, even when they will & they require anything like EDITING< Camera – we are in Full support to Help.
Subhash Ghai, Colors CEO and Gulshan Grover
Subhash Ghai, CEO of Colors and Gulshan Grover
Adnan Sami Rocked Stage with his Paino playing the Tunes of Karz “Ek Hasina Thi” , while Punjabi Singer Sukhwinder Singh Rocked with his RAMTA JOGI Performance.
Also adding , CEO of Rajshri Productions RajKumar Barjatya, CEO of Colors Raj Naik, CEO Of ZEE Subash, Veteran Directors ABBAS MASTAN , Bad Man Gulshan Grover , Jackie Shroff, Meghna Ghai Puri, Short Filmmaker Priyanka Raina and many More showed their presence in Honor of SUBHASH GHAI 71st Birthday Celebrations.
Subhash Ghai
Subhash Ghai addressing to Whistling Woods 
Also apart Students from all the NINE pass out Batches from Whistling Woods International attended the Legendary Subhash Ghai ‘s 71st Birthday.
Also Subhash Ghai Added, ” We care for our Students and even when they leave us, We are in full touch that what they are doing & which Production.” 
“Subhash Ghai Sir also viewed screening of my Short Film ZINDAGI and Gave me further tips on it. Sir also appreciated the making stills” , Priyanka Raina Adds.
Zindagi is Written by Kapil Sharma (Younger Brother of Anil Sharma) and Costars Miss India | Actress SAHILA CHADDHA, Yuvraaj Parashar, Preety Malik.
Watch SUBHASH GHAI 71st Birthday Video Here

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QISSA (2015) Review : [ Qissa Kanwar Da]

Directed By : Anup Singh
Produced By : Johannes Rexin, Vikramjeet Roy
Banner : NFDC
Cast : Irrfan Khan, Tisca Chopra, Tillotama Shome,Rasika Duggal, Sonia Bindra, Faezeh Jalali
QISSA Poster
QISSA Poster

When ever a Story is based on 1947 Partition , and on above if its a Love Story – Film has created History with  GADAR, PINJAR and many more. Partition is like Bitter phase which has come like a Flue but resolved with times.

QISSA is a story of Umber Singh (Irrfan Khan)  A Sikh who lives  with his wife Maher (Tisca Chopra) ,  three daughters & forth Son  set in post- Colonial India  when part of  Punjab in Pakistan. He builds a new home for his family.
As Umber Singh always wanted a son who can grow his empire so He had grown up his Forth Daughter as his son , Kanwar played by Tillotama Shome. Kanwar discovered himself  slowly as he grows up and Umber Singh sets his marriage with Neeli (Rasika Duggal) .  As Urban Singh could not get son from his wife Maher, so he tries to seduce his Daughter in law Neeli in order to have son But Kanwar shoots his Father Urman Singh.
Then his Mother , Maher tells Kanwar to apart and stay in separate quarter with Neeli only then he discovers himself as he was not growing up as a man. At times, Kanwar was confused that what was he as his Dad had never seen him.
Well In short the story could be , As the country was struggling to find their place on what they are. Similarly this young Boy Kanwar was struggling to find his own Eternity. That’s the Reason Director has described it as Tale of a Ghost
Audience : This film is not for Commercial purpose , But for those who believe in creative Artistic Cinema – Yes Then Its your QISSA
Review : First of all , Let me make it Clear that QISSA is not a Commercial film but it can be described as Beautiful Artistic piece of Cinema. Irrfan Khan is a spontaneous actor and was versatile in Punjabi Jet Character. No words to describe Tisca Chopra , as it can be her another thrilling performance after Rahasya which is being appreciated by Masses. Actress Tillotama Shome who plays the role of a Boy is too good, at times we were unable to  justice that she is not a girl.
Rating : ★★★★
[Rating is on Artistic Values , and Does Not indicates commercialism] 
Watch QISSA Trailer 
The Movie Releases on 20th Feb 2015