Calendar Girls (2015) Review | [Life is on how you take it]

Directed By : Madhur Bhandarkar
Cast : Akanksha Puri as Nandita Menon, from Hyderabad, Avani Modi as Nazneen Malik, from Lahore , Kyra Dutt as Sharon Pinto, from Goa, Ruhi Singh as Mayuri Chauhan, from Rohtak, Satarupa Pyne as Paroma Ghosh, from Kolkata, Suhel Seth as Vijay Mallya, Rohit Roy, Meeta Vashisht, Kiran Kumar
Produced By : Sangeeta Ahir & Bhandharkar Entertainment
Music : Meet Bros Anjan & Amaal Malik
Review By : Priyanka Raina

When ever we talk films on Reality, films that reveal face of real world, Audience love to see what they see in their daily lives on Silver screen. Talking about the latest BUZZ of Reality King Madhur Bhandarkar who is known for showing some real phases in form of Fashion, Chandini Bar, Page 3 earlier. Lets this weather this time Director succeeds in revealing the lifestyle of Iconic Calendar Girls or not ?

Calendar Girls is story of five Different Girls from different states selected by Tycoon Rohit Roy (Who plays closer to Vijay Maliya). Now after launching these Girls as Calender Girls for year 2014 , and then their new journey begins on how they take up their lives is the full story.

Like we say , all five fingers are not alike so our Calender Girls are, After getting a good break how they take upon opportunity .

Talking about Nandita Menon from Hyderabad who left Opportunity of CEO and came to Mumbai to be Calendar Girl and Turns to be an Successful Actress

Talking about Ruhi Singh, who with her parents permission and her Dad changed her class from Economy to Business , comes to be a Calendar Girl and then gets married to Rich Tycoon “The Narangs”

Now Talking about Sharon Pinto from Goa, who takes up life as a challenge also come to be a Calendar girl. She had some problems with casting agency so left , and automatically turns to be JOURNALIST from ABP NEWS

Well, These three took their best decision & as we say all five fingers not alike. Talking about Paroma Ghosh from Kolkkatta who fights from her family and comes against everyone to be Calendar Girl. Then She meets her long term Boyfriend and gets introduced to Cricket League and falls into Controversy of Match fixing which ultimately opens the Doors of Controversial Show Big Boss

Also, a Bitter side of story A Pakistani Girl Nazneen who years back with her BF shifted to london, comes to Mumbai to be a Calendar Girl. She gets a Movie, but being a Pakistani wearing bikini She gets a ban from Human Rights and so she cant get work in Bollywood. Being Frustrated she tends to chose wrong decision of Escort.

Music of the film is classy and goes with the story. Also, Classic entry of Madhur Bhandarkar will suprise you giving a good message. Then movie is followed by today’s trend of “Taking Selfies”, Wedding song, Shootings, Cricket league parties, & Lots of more Entertainment just in One Movie – Calendar Girls.

Review : Giving 3,5 Stars, because Film has something to tell that all fingers are not alike. It all on How you take up your life

Rating : ★★★.5 Stars to the film

Watch CALENDAR GIRLS | Trailer

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