Exclusive, Priyanka Raina in Conversation with JACKIE BHAGNANI !

On conversation with Jackky Bhagnani over Cup of Coffee on his forthcoming Flick “Welcome To Karachi” at Homey Homes, Juhu.

Jackie Bhagnani, Priyanka RainaQ : Journey from Faltu to Blockbuster YOUNGIESTAN which you have got amazing response by everyone  and Now you Welcoming everyone for a Trip to Karachi- What are your expectations ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Amazing Response (Laughs), We believe in our Content and now its all your’s

Q : How Different Welcome to karachi is from Youngistaan ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Its is Different. Youngistaan was a Romantic Political Drama, while WTK is an Out and Out Comedy.

Q : Is the movie releasing in Pakistan ?

Jackky Bhagnani : No….

Q : But What is the problem, even Film Honour Killings which was suppose to release in UK and Pakistan on 27th Feb 2015 – But only got release in UK  and not in Pakistan, in spite movie had their Star Zara Shaikh ?

Jackky Bhagnani : I think , they want to see the film first that we are not making any fun of them , and may be next week they will release.

Q : How was your collaboration with Lauren Gottlieb ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Oh Superb and She is a Versatile actress, and she is being amazing with Hindi language. In just three to four takes , she gave a excellent Shot, that’s amazing. have u met her….

Priyanka Raina: yah , I was in her Birthday Part on 6th June 2014

Jackky Bhagnani : Oh you were in her Birthday Party

Priyanka Raina: Yeps , I went with my Friends and also Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and told ohh Since your Party “Lets take a Pic together”  and since I know her , she’s very Down to earth…..

Q : Since its her DEBUT film , so how did she fare in it?

Jackky Bhagnani : She is very spontaneous and plus She is very hard working. She doesnt know the language and she wants to learn more. She was trying to make an effort , that’s what matter

And So we Conclude our Interview , Just a Small message to our fans – Best wishes for Short Film Festival !

Jackky Bhagnani Wishes for SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2015

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