Exclusive, Priyanka Raina in Conversation with JACKIE BHAGNANI !

On conversation with Jackky Bhagnani over Cup of Coffee on his forthcoming Flick “Welcome To Karachi” at Homey Homes, Juhu.

Jackie Bhagnani, Priyanka RainaQ : Journey from Faltu to Blockbuster YOUNGIESTAN which you have got amazing response by everyone  and Now you Welcoming everyone for a Trip to Karachi- What are your expectations ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Amazing Response (Laughs), We believe in our Content and now its all your’s

Q : How Different Welcome to karachi is from Youngistaan ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Its is Different. Youngistaan was a Romantic Political Drama, while WTK is an Out and Out Comedy.

Q : Is the movie releasing in Pakistan ?

Jackky Bhagnani : No….

Q : But What is the problem, even Film Honour Killings which was suppose to release in UK and Pakistan on 27th Feb 2015 – But only got release in UK  and not in Pakistan, in spite movie had their Star Zara Shaikh ?

Jackky Bhagnani : I think , they want to see the film first that we are not making any fun of them , and may be next week they will release.

Q : How was your collaboration with Lauren Gottlieb ?

Jackky Bhagnani : Oh Superb and She is a Versatile actress, and she is being amazing with Hindi language. In just three to four takes , she gave a excellent Shot, that’s amazing. have u met her….

Priyanka Raina: yah , I was in her Birthday Part on 6th June 2014

Jackky Bhagnani : Oh you were in her Birthday Party

Priyanka Raina: Yeps , I went with my Friends and also Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and told ohh Since your Party “Lets take a Pic together”  and since I know her , she’s very Down to earth…..

Q : Since its her DEBUT film , so how did she fare in it?

Jackky Bhagnani : She is very spontaneous and plus She is very hard working. She doesnt know the language and she wants to learn more. She was trying to make an effort , that’s what matter

And So we Conclude our Interview , Just a Small message to our fans – Best wishes for Short Film Festival !

Jackky Bhagnani Wishes for SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2015

Welcome to Karachi (2015) Review | (Paagalon ki Baarat on Trip to Karachi

Welcome to KarachiWhen we talk about Out and Out Comedy, especially what comes to our Mind – Comedy King ROHIT SHETTY, Isnt it? The Man to have delivered GOLMAAL Series where we had a huge laughter. Now its turn of his Student AASISH R MOHAN with Welcome to Karachi weather he will come up his Guru’s expectations.

Welcome to Karachi is a Story of a Gujarati GuyKedar (Jackky Bhagnani) who has Super Extra Mind and wants to go to America to set up his Dandiya Business, and always his VISA rejected. and SecondlyShammi (Arshad Warsi) who also has a Extra Mind and claims himself as Navy officer and he has sunk Two Boats. Kedar’s dad sennt them to take care of Wedding family in a boat and they both Run away with Boat. Next storm comes and Boat sinks & Kedar, Shammi are lying on Sands of Karachi.

Now Kedar and Shammi who dont know meaning of Talibaan, don’t know who is musharaff Land on outskirts of KARACHI and what happens is Rest of story.

Lauren Gottlieb plays Intelligent Officer from Pakistan, Although she doesn’t have much scenes But she is good enough in her Four scenes.

In Short, you will go crazy with Kedar and Shammi’s Karachi trip, and there versatile experience and there Brain Level (200%).

Review : This is an Out to out Comedy for all those who love Comedy films, and can be another Hit Comedy like David Dhawan and Rohit Shetty Films. leave your brains at Home , and you will Enjoy movie with a Bowl of Pop Corn.

Rating : ★★★ Stars to the film

Watch  Welcome To Karachi Trailer Here

Welcome To Karachi , in Cinemas from 28th May 2015