Black Home (2015) Review | [Black Home is a True Film to Define harassment and Exploitation against Girls]

Directed By : Ashish Deo
Produced By : Vijay Kamble
Co Produced By : Mahesh Ramnath Salunke   mahesh ramnath salunkhe
Banner : Samajik Samata Manch
Presenter : Bharat Shah
Genre : Adults , Kids can watch but with guidance
Cast : Ashitosh Rana, Chitrashi Rawat, Anchit Kaur, Raju Kher, Amit Behl, Simran Sehmi, Vishwajeet Pradhan
Black Home Poster
Black Home is a true Researched film that will reveal the Hidden Bitter truth of “Remand Home” where Under 18 Girls are brought after Kidnapping from various places. Not only Kidnapping , but also raped Brutally and on above they are not given food to eat. They make them suffer for food to the extent, that they have to come near them and are Sexually exploited.
Remand Home is owned by Meena Kumari(Anchit Kaur) and Security Guard (Vishwajeet Pradhan) who takes care that no one should run from here. They supply girls to a  Politician  who is a chief minister and also owns a News Channel Bureau. Now  Senior Reporter of  News Channel Bureau (Ashitosh Rana) investigates the Mystery behind Remand Home and is fired from CEO (Amit Behl) because he was pressurized from Politician who own News Channel.  His Aim was to reveal the real truth to public and save innocent girls , so He hires a Journalist Anjali (Simran Sehmi) on a Secret Mission to cover the Story.
Anjali was shocked to see incidents that were happening in Remand Home, that even this could be one phase of Life. She considers herself to be luckier and Thanks God that to be blessed with everything , as she was getting married to Canada based NRI. Raju Kher look good in his small Role of Father In Law.
Now with help of Prakash who works for welfare of  Remand Home and has married a girl from there, Simran gives a Mobile to Mirchi (Chitrasheen) and tells to do the recording . Mirchi has killed two persons , coz they were raping her cousins & so Mirchi was brought to Remand Home. Absolutely thundering Magnificent performance by the CHAKDE INDIA Girl Chitrashi Rawat.
Also movie has some important punchlines to Add Commercialism , Like Meaning of Journalism “In Ancient Times NARAD used to gives each and every news. We are future NARAD who give Breaking News to Public”
Review : Black Home , Directed By Ashish Deo is a researched film & conveys simple message to Stop exploitation which is happening in most parts of Capital City DILLI. Nirbhaya Case is a very good example of this, who was raped Brutally and was left.
Also Black Home should be shown to children in schools especially girls, so that they become aware that not to take anything from strangers.
Rating : ★★★★ Stars to the film
Watch BLACK HOME Trailer
The BLACK HOME Movie Releases on 20th March 2015

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