Secret Superstars are here |Aamir Khan| Priyanka Raina on RADIOMIRCHI

March  Born‘s are always knows as secretly giving message to society through their films. Aamir Khan who is known for his content weather it is ALL IZ WELL from 3 Idiots or Dangal or PK , always top charts for content. Now its Recent film , Aamir Khan came up with “If you have talent , then no one can stop you”. Means just shoot and upload a video and the world is your’s.


Coming up with an such a Short film LOVE LUST LOCHA , directed by another March Born Director Priyanka Raina is created now waves within. Recently Love Lust Locha has been selected by Six Sigma Films & crossed 10 k views with 4 days. Also Priyanka Raina has been awarded as Best short film Director for Love Lust Locha at BCR AWARDS Delhi.

Aamir Khan , Priyanka Raina both while speaking to JEETURAAJ at RadioMirchi justified the same bit, Now a days digital have come up a huge way. that you need not come to Mumbai if you are staying here. If you have story, its simple – shoot from your mobile and just upload- When you have the Global platform YOUTUBE

Watch LOVE LUST LOCHA at Six Sigma Films

Neeta and Mukesh Ambani, Nikhil sanwale fest Director, aamir Khan and Priyanka Raina
Aamir Khan , Priyanka Raina shares a moment with Ambani’s

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