Aashish Singh ; YRF films president represents FICCI on international content!

China products are being selling in India and its time now for INDIA in China and Here we go;  Aashish Singh who currently brought Indian films into China market speaks at FICCI FRAMES to Priyanka Raina

Aashish Singh tells China sells only content driven films and reason Aamir Khan films reached 5000 Cr over there is because he has worked on it. Aamir stayed in china for a week; met the fraternity and actors.

Well this really indicates that March borns are not only Perfectionists but real Secret Superstars .

Also Rockstar Director Imitiaz Ali spoke on the content about various contribution to Indian Cinema like JAB WE MET ; Roockstar on travel as his movies are travel oriented .

20180307_153544.jpgAnd Sooraj Barjatya sir who known globally for his family oriented films too comes in picture at Ficci frames

Sooraj Barjatya with Imitiaz Ali ; Aashish Singh and many more at FICCI FRAMES 2018

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