Mugdha Godse too enters into world of Short Films with Drishti ; Check it out !

World is going digital and a common man owns everything in his mobile. From Paytm wallets to cab bookings; watching movies on you tube to googling around for news; So our Actors are making content based Short films.

(L-R) Priyanka Raina along with Rahul and Drishti Girl MUGDHA GODSE

Unlike Priyanka Raina ; now a Film queen makes a lovely short film in such a way that it can be developed into a web series by making episode 2.

Chatting with Mugdha Godse ; She tells “Depending upon the response we get ; and yes we are planning to make it episodic one” .

Well that’s lovely MUGDHA GODSE with her upcoming short film DRISHTI where she plays the title role. The short film is available on Hungama App.

Drishti is a story of Drishti (Mugdha Godse) who has power to see some aspects of future. It happens when Naina (journalist) comes to interview her and Drishti finds mystry in her .

(L-R) Journalist Jyothi Venkatesh with Artist Naina , and MUGDHA GODSE , Priyanka Raina and PRO Prem Jhanghiani

Well ; what’s the mystery. You have to check DRISHTI out on Hungama app by spending your 15 minutes.

Watch Entire conversation with MUGDHA GODSE here 

Media Publicist : Prem Jhangiani 

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