Kashmir known as Etternal paradise of World and My first Love !!

Why as a maker ; we go abroad for shooting to show love for Snow . When we have ample of snow in our Incredible India .


Places such as Manali or eastern countries such as Darjeeling ; Assam which is full of Snow. Or be it the Paradise of World Kashmir

Beauty of Kashmir cant be compared to anyone in this world ; where can ride Boat in DUL LAKE or enjoy the most enchanting places in GULMARG with full of snow.

Gulmarg has lots of more activities like mountain climbing ; Ice Skeeing; Cable Cars and lots more  ..

Also can enjoy the lovely Kashmiri food and Black tea known as Kashmiri Kawa
Things to Do in Kashmir , Ice Ski , Cycle



Recent movies like AIYYERE ; many movie has been shot here. Also some of lovely bollywood songs like “Kitni khoobsoorat yeh Tasveer hai….” defines the eterbal beauty of Kashmir


Kashmir known as etternal paradise of the world ; and situated on the Borders of India in J and K. Mostly in news ; as they say adding mixture to it so people get scared.

20180228_115242.jpg“I would rather say to people ; that now a days news is 24 hour and they have to show something . Rather if you want to be  with your self ; stop entertaining socailly too much. And believe in what your heart says” ; Priyanka Raina says

If you are more attracted to digital media; and not coming to Kashmir because of scarism. Then you are likely to miss out real beauty ; where you can get Wonderland pictures.

20180303_093706.jpgThere’s lot to discover as a traveller in ethenic beauty Gulmarg ; Sonmarg; Pahalgaon; Srinagar where you can on a Shikara ride; and most beutiful LEH AND LADHAKH.

Locals here are so polite and ready to help ; Their main source of income is  tourism through J and K Tourism.


Food is basically punjabi food and then all varieties available because lots of foreigners travel.

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