One of the most renown ND Studio , now comes with FIRST CUT

ND Studio , situated in Karjat made by famous Art Director NITIN DESAI  which has all

Nitin Desai , Priyanka Raina at ND Studios

grand sets such as Sheesh Mahal , Stations, KHAO GALLI, Fountain, Palace where Jodha Akbar  was shot, Police station and lots more.


LAGAAN which is known , was recreated a state of BHUJ , as it was too hot so they made AC rooms inside Huts. Like from outside will be huts to show in camera and when doors open  – Lavish room.

ND STUDIO celebrated Art Director NITIN DESAI Birthday with Media all over Maharashtra & Fans in Town Hall.

Town Hall is the theater space where actors perform plays , and it has a space of 5000 seating arrangements.

Then there are Different types of Trains in but in the studio to look more beautiful with a huge premise.  Also , situated is a Big Theater where Actors are Employed on monthly basis and they perform too to entertain actors.

Here’s Key Highlight of NITIN DESAI Birthday

Now we will look more into the studio Round up by Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina Backstage
Priyanka  Raina giving goals to RIKSHAWWALA

Watch this space to know more

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